What do the Domesday Book and Shakespeare’s will have in common? Other than the fact that they are priceless historical items, they now both live in The National Archives in the United Kingdom.

The mission of this U.K. government department is to be a guardian of the nation’s historic documents. Though the items held can date back 1,000 years, the preservation of historical documents is no archaic matter. Not only are there complicated processes for the conservation of the physical records, but there is also a pressing demand to convert these records into digital form.

There are hundreds of employees and volunteers who take it upon themselves to uphold this mission and preserve, scan, and transcribe some of the world’s most famous texts. A mission this significant and an effort this great must be met with a solution that makes digital work seamless and secure.

Enter Citrix Workspace.

“One of the key themes in [their] IT strategy is to provide flexibility … making people more mobile and giving them greater choice in the way that they work,” said Julian Muller, The National Archives’ Head of IT Operations. By implementing Citrix Workspace, a solution that caters to individual workstyles, The National Archives enables people to work from anywhere without compromising on user experience.

Muller expressed a desire for “a common platform and a similar experience whether working onsite or offsite. [They] wanted a shallow learning curve for people by making it familiar, intuitive and easy to use.” With Citrix Workspace, archivists can easily manage and work with data from a single interface.

Citrix Workspace also enables broad customization, allowing The National Archives’ IT team to prevent data from being downloaded onto or uploaded from physical devices. This helps them meet strict security requirements while giving employees and volunteers the freedom to use whatever device they want.

To learn more about how Citrix Workspace empowers The National Archives’ employees and volunteers in their work to preserve some of the world’s most important documents, read this case study. To learn more about how Citrix Workspace powers the future of work, meet us at Citrix Synergy 2019. See you there!