Jiun Hong

Jiun Hong

Jiun Hong is the Vertical Solutions Marketing Intern at Citrix, where she is falling in love with tech and cybersecurity. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degrees in Communication and Psychology at UCSB. When she's not at Citrix, you can find her reading up on scientific advancements, trying the weirdest dish at hole-in-the-wall restaurants and excitedly meeting new people.

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Blockchain, the Multi-Vertical Game Changer

In 2013, blockchain came into the limelight as Bitcoin’s less-sensational partner. However, as the underlying technology, blockchain is anticipated to…

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A College Intern’s View of Security in the Education Sector — Part II

Though colleges collect sensitive information for good reasons, universities on the receiving end must not be capricious about the dangers of security breaches.

A College Intern’s View of Security in the Education Sector

In her blog post below, Citrix Intern Jiun Hong gives us an inside view of security concerns in the Education…