It seems like every time you turn around these days, someone is telling you that they have the so-called silver bullet for security. As all security professionals know, it is not that easy.

Many believe in deploying the best point solution for each type of security risk being addressed. However, these point solutions do not interact with each other and the combination brings a level of complexity to your environment and daily operations.

Another strategy to reduce the risks and increase the trust is to bring in controls, which have been a foundation of the Citrix portfolio from the beginning such as data management and access. Without the appropriate controls within the workspace — endpoint management, document management, and access to the link between your security platforms and the actual resources — there is a lag between when an anomaly is discovered, and the actions taken.

The next area of importance is real-time visibility with advanced analytics. Having the information is one thing, but being able to rationalize the information and create a baseline of user behaviors is another. You need a system that analyzes all the activities and rates the level of risk associated with each one by providing a ranking. This ranking is based on the user and their actions, which is why we call this approach “people-centric.”

This new security approach is focused on the whole: actions from the user, the devices, the network, the documents, the access, and the application usage. Not only is this strategy more holistic for your security stance, but also, it caters to your business needs, such as business growth and reduction of spend.

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