Available now, Citrix Endpoint Management combines industry-leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) with best-in-class mobile productivity apps, multi-dimensional security, user-based analytics, and Citrix Workspace app, which gives users a secure, contextual, unified workspace on any endpoint.

What is Citrix Endpoint Management?

Citrix Endpoint Management, the evolution of Citrix XenMobile, provides the best value for device management and a whole lot more. In addition to standard UEM capabilities for managing a broad set of device types including mobile, PC, Mac, Chrome and Citrix Ready workspace hub, Citrix Endpoint Management also includes unique capabilities including enterprise-grade productivity applications such as Secure Mail and Workspace app, flexible Mobile Application Management, micro-VPN for securing application data in transit, Office 365 mobile application management, legacy device management for Windows 7 and 8.1 devices and security feeds to Citrix Analytics.

Unlike the XenMobile service, which came in three different flavors, Citrix Endpoint Management offers all of the Citrix UEM capabilities as a single cloud service, while addressing key customer buying criteria such as experience, security and choice.

Citrix Endpoint Management — key customer benefits include:

Unified Endpoint Management — comprehensive unified device management for all device types

Citrix Endpoint Management is a comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management solution providing support for Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Identity Management integration and content integration all alongside business optimized productivity apps to enhance the user experience. Complete UEM support with Citrix Endpoint Management includes management capabilities for smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, thin-clients, and IoT devices while supporting common operating systems including iOS, Android, Win10, macOS, Chrome, tvOS and more.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs with broad support for multiple device types

Citrix Endpoint Management simplifies the IT experience for BYOD. As Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) rapidly evolve in to Unified Endpoint Management, a new modern style of management is emerging. Traditional client management tools for laptops and desktops are beginning to be replaced with UEM platforms capable of managing all device types.

Most MAM solutions rely on the underlying operating system to deliver application level security on the mobile device. Citrix Endpoint Management is different. Citrix MDX technology provides an MDM-independent solution. For BYOD, MAM-only is the deployment model of choice because it ensures personal privacy for the end-user by allowing IT access to only the managed applications, not the entire device. Citrix Endpoint Management includes a unique MAM policy, which checks to see if a device passcode is set before launching an application, MDM-like control without an invasive on-device agent.

Citrix client side applications including Workspace app, Files and Secure Mail provide secure access to a personalized workspace supporting all application types (virtual, mobile, web and SaaS).

Citrix Secure Mail delivers a highly secure mobile email experience with business-class features not available from email clients that were built with only the consumer in mind. Some of the most popular features include free/busy calendar look-ups, one-touch access to web conferencing, attachment repository and setting your out of office message.

Additionally, the recently announced Citrix Workspace app delivers the industryservices including virtual apps/desktops, mobile apps, SaaS apps and distributed file stores.

A single point of entry simplifies the user experience with one-time authentication for access to the entire workspace. From a security perspective, a single point of entry to the workspace from the endpoint perimeter means greater visibility and control.

Only Citrix provides multi-MAM support with unique Office 365 application management

MAM comes in many flavors including OS-level MAM policies for iOS and Android, Intune App Protection for Office 365 mobile apps, Android (formerly Android for Work), App Config, and customizable MAM-like Citrix MDX technology. Today, IT often combines the best properties of various MAM offerings to apply the right level of security across multiple device types and operating systems. Citrix Endpoint Management simplifies this process with support for multiple MAM solutions through a single console, customizing the provisioning of application containers for encrypted application workflows at the mobile endpoint. Citrix Endpoint Management unique MAM capability for Office 365 allows users to use Office mobile apps with Secure Mail in a more seamless manner compared to other UEM solutions. Click HEREto find out why Citrix Endpoint Management provides the best support and integration with Microsoft Intune and Office 365.

Integrated with Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix Analytics combines visibility to the endpoint perimeter with actionable automated policies and controls that leverage machine learning capabilities.

Citrix Analytics aggregates and correlates information from the endpoint perimeter, across network traffic, users, and files in Citrix environments, generating actionable insights that enable Citrix administrators to proactively handle user security threats, improve application performance and help optimize IT operations. Citrix Endpoint Management provides critical data to the Analytics service including device location, compliance, usage and more.

Citrix Analytics automates the process of security enforcement at the endpoint perimeter, reporting back to the Citrix Endpoint Management service if a device needs to be locked or wiped based on the endpoint user risk score.

Workspace Environment Management service for broad endpoint management capabilities for Windows

Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service is included with Citrix Endpoint Management and provides IT with more controls for managing and optimizing device endpoints. Citrix Windows Environment Manager (WEM) provides legacy Windows 7 and 8.1 device management and user group policy (GPOs) management. WEM helps configure Windows GPO objects, deploy logon scripts, and preferences. WEM also helps with resource management to provide a better user experience.The resource optimization component of WEM can extend the life of your existing client hardware, reducing your endpoint TCO and saving you money with prolonged PC refresh cycles. WEM gives you the flexibility to manage user-based policies for your Windows endpoints and virtual desktops within the same administration console, as well as support for legacy Windows 7 and 8.1 devices. The Transformer module of WEM provides the ability to lock down the endpoints into a kiosk mode, limiting users to only launching their virtual apps and desktop from Workspace app, reducing help desk calls for endpoint support. By optimizing and managing your existing endpoints with WEM, you can save money on hardware purchases, improve manageability by configuring endpoints and virtual desktops within the same console, improve security and reduce help desk calls by locking down the devices, and finally, improve the user experience with optimized performance and a consistent user environment.

Frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions:

I have a XenMobile on-prem solution today. Can I trade-up to Citrix Endpoint Management? Yes, we have transition/trade-up SKUs designed for this use case. Please contact your local Citrix rep or Citrix partner for more information on these limited time transition pricing promotions.

If I’m already a XenMobile cloud customer will I get Citrix Endpoint Management? Yes. In addition to your current entitlement, you will also get a new Citrix Cloud service tile for Workspace Environment Management (WEM) when it becomes available in Q3. This additional service will be added for the duration of your current subscription at no additional cost. 

Will Citrix Endpoint Management be available on-prem? We will continue selling XenMobile on-prem SKUs as is. If on-prem customers want the WEM service, they should take advantage of the special transition pricing to first make a move to the cloud. This will automatically entitle them to WEM.

The following video features a video conversation between Citrix Product leaders PJ Hough and Jeroen van Rotterdam.

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