Citrix Synergy is special. It is our time, each year, to talk directly with you, our customers, to provide a window into the vision of the company and our solutions. One of the most exciting topics this year is the secure digital perimeter, our security approach.

SaaS, web, and native mobile applications are driving the way employees want to work; they do not want to be tied to a desk in an office. They want to be able to work when and where it makes sense for them. The types of devices that they are using, as well as the networks they use for access, are also changing. These changes are driving the business and the technologies used to adapt to this new dynamic. The business must evolve through digital transformation while maintaining the demanded productivity and security.

These changes are putting stress on the traditional networking and infrastructure that so many organizations have come to rely on. A new security framework is required, one that expands the traditional security perimeter (attack base) into the cloud and across multiple devices and networks to address the increased threat of cybersecurity. The list of unknown security vectors has increased dramatically to include both internal and external threat vectors, but the one known constant entity is the user.

Our perspective on the modern workspace is that a digital workspace provides a unified and contextual end-to-end experience for users across all types of apps and content accessed at any location and on any device. The Citrix vision for digital workspaces requires a trusted, people-centric security framework — a secure digital perimeter. This security approach is a key enabler for delivering the vision of the workspace and helping customers to securely execute on their cloud strategies and digital transformation plans. The secure digital perimeter brings together the power of the Citrix portfolio to address security and performance obstacles holistically rather than with point solutions.

If you are attending Citrix Synergy 2018 in Anaheim, please attend our session SYN122: How the secure digital perimeter can help secure your digital workspace, Tuesday, May 8, 2:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m. We will show you how this new approach can provide the security and performance you and your employees demand.