At Citrix, we are empowering the next generation workforce with a new era of productivity. Providing a world-class user experience with integrated security for IT — all without compromising user’s productivity. The Citrix Workspace app delivers the industry’s most comprehensive secure digital workspace.

“Don’t make me think.” A quote, and book, by Steve Krug, an information architect and user experience professional, about the importance of designing solutions with simplicity for the end user. He often cites how still provides a high-quality experience, even though it’s evolved into the colossal e-commerce website it is today. In many ways, the same can be said for the end-user in today’s work environment.

Today’s users have multiple apps, files, folders and devices they need to access just get their work done, but all that technology doesn’t necessarily equate to improved productivity. In many ways, it makes productivity worse. A person may need to send an important document or an older presentation, but they may not be on the device where they saved that distinct presentation. Or there are a number of SaaS apps that an employee needs to access throughout the day, but each one has its own credentials that the user needs to remember and track independently. IT teams are also challenged with managing a growing application portfolio and securing various devices types and operating systems entering the enterprise.

Our goal is to simplify all that by making users access their workspace, the collection of applications, desktops and content, as seamless and as easy as possible, in a unified and secure way — having them focus on getting work done, rather than thinking about how to get work done. Which is why we’re proud to announce Citrix Workspace app. The Citrix Workspace app provides instant access to everything people need to get their jobs done, but it’s more than just another app on a device. It’s a single, unified experience that is aimed at transforming how people work. Let’s delve into the details to showcase how Citrix Workspace app is transforming the future of work:

Everything you need — your apps, files and desktops — at your fingertips. The focal point of Citrix Workspace app is the user experience, it is a one-stop shop where users can access their favorite Windows, Linux, mobile, SaaS, web apps, desktops and files instantly. It provides a consistent user experience where any app, desktop or file is ready to go with just a click on any device. Making things even easier, smart features like search, allows users to launch apps or find files quickly. Set-up and configuration is now simplified, since the Workspace app interface is delivered as a cloud service, making it easy to get started.

Instant and seamless access to all files. Mobilizing data keeps employees productive on-the-go, but disparate file repositories can challenge even the most organized user. Citrix Workspace app delivers centralized access to all their files —OneDrive for Business, ShareFile, EMC Systems and more — in one, centralized location. Centrally stored files are dynamically synched across all Workspace app devices for instant access. To simplify on-the-go-edits, Citrix Workspace app takes the guess required to get the file loaded in the right app. Just click on the file and it automatically loads within the workspace. Simple. Keeping the user productive even when the necessary application for the file isn’t locally installed.

Federated access to any app — SaaS, Mobile, Windows, Web. As mentioned earlier, today’s workforce uses more than just a couple of applications to get their job done, and in some instances, there’s an app that they use only on rare occasions. Many these applications require users to enter unique passwords, which can hamper productivity, or even worse, be an access point for a potential security threat. Citrix Workspace app removes those barriers by providing frictionless, password-free access to SaaS, web, mobile and virtual applications, such as Office 365 and Salesforce. Users get instant access to the apps they need while IT retains control over user accounts and password policies to strengthen corporate security.

Visibility and control of SaaS applications. Cloud-hosted SaaS apps are easy to deploy and easy to access from the web; however, there is very little IT control over who accesses the SaaS app and from what location or device the access occurred forcing IT to balance user simplification with security. Until now. Citrix Workspace app is the centralized access point to all enterprise SaaS apps. The new desktop Workspace App can instantly launch SaaS and web apps from the embedded browser with local performance and no overhead, yet provide IT security and control over the entire session.

User behavior, not user restriction, enables IT security. Citrix Workspace app is available to every user on every device, making it a flexible solution for any user. Though, with flexibility comes potential risk as hackers attempt to impersonate users as an entry point into the corporate network. Citrix Workspace app leverages user behavior analytics to develop an individualized profile of each user and their typical workspace activities, devices and access points. If the user behavior becomes radically different, Citrix Workspace app can sound the alarm and warn IT of a potential threat.

Onboarding a new employee or device is as easy as 1-2-3. Organizations that are either growing into new locations or acquiring existing companies need to onboard new employees as quickly as possible. Now, employees can enable any device to be a secure digital workspace in a few easy steps. They’ll can find the Citrix Workspace app in any app store, download it on their device, sign in and be ready to go. Citrix Workspace app contains everything IT needs to get a new employee or new device up and running as fast as possible without compromising security.

Personal device freedom with IT security & control. Citrix Workspace app makes it easy to implement a bring-your-own-device policy. Now work applications and data can securely coexist alongside personal apps and data on the same device without compromising corporate data security. With Citrix Workspace app, IT can easily segment resources between personal and business, giving users the ability to access corporate resources when needed on their BYO devices. Citrix Workspace app automatically configures device policies when needed, giving users the option to enroll their device for more advanced workspace capabilities such as corporate mail, SSO, and internal corporate site access.

Make internet browsing safe again. Employees need internet access to be productive, but the internet can be a cesspool of unforeseen security threats that even the most security-conscious user may face. Citrix Workspace app restores the ability to leverage the internet as a powerful business tool. It can intelligently redirect internet browsing tasks to a cloud-hosted web browser completely isolated from the corporate network balancing business-oriented browsing with enhanced IT security.

Harness the power of Citrix workspace hub within Citrix Workspace app. The Citrix Ready workspace hub is a low-cost, high-performance IoT edge device that can instantly turn any monitor with a keyboard into a digital workspace when paired with Citrix Workspace app. No more manually logging into sessions on other devices. By integrating the hub with Citrix Workspace app users on a mobile device can seamlessly and securely cast their digital workspace to any display connected to a workspace hub, and quickly move back to their mobile device when their done.

Users need additional virtual apps or desktop? IT can rapidly provision new resources quickly with ServiceNow integration. As part of our announcements at this year’s Citrix Synergy, Citrix Workspace app will integrate with ServiceNow, expediting user on-boarding and off-boarding. If a user needs a new app or a desktop, they can quickly request resources within Citrix Workspace app. Once a helpdesk ticket enters ServiceNow, IT admins can automate the provisioning of the new app or desktop to the user’s Citrix Workspace app.

Our mission when we embarked on building the Citrix Workspace app was to provide a unified workspace experience unlikely anything else available in the market today. We were committed to delivering an experience that integrates everything people need to get their job done, but to make it seamless and available in one experience. We wanted to ensure continuity as people move throughout their workday, across devices and networks. But also wanted to give IT the control they need to ensure their apps and files weren’t compromised. We want to make sure users spend more time thinking about getting work done, and not the location of a file or the various passwords for their sometimes-accessed apps. As PJ Hough puts it, “The workspace is about improving productivity and providing a better experience for how people work and where they work — with the right set of apps and files exactly in the moment they need it.”

All this and more was announced at Citrix Synergy 2018 in Anaheim, CA. Citrix Workspace app availability is anticipated in Q2, but individual features and capabilities maybe subject to change.

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