As markets change and businesses focus on digital transformation, we find ourselves in a new era of computing where people are at the center — engaging across multiple devices, platforms, and clouds. And as the future of work draws closer, Citrix continues to evolve by focusing on solutions that deliver the experience, choice, and security customers need in the kind of simplified and unified portfolio they want.

The Citrix Booth Experience: Welcome

At Citrix Synergy 2018, May 8–10 in Anaheim, California, a purpose-built Citrix Experience Center exemplifies this. This exhibit area doesn’t just show the value of Citrix solutions — it immerses attendees in various work personas and highlights how Citrix technology serves as the foundation. From the moment you arrive at the Welcome Center and scan your badge, kiosks serve up a recommended journey through the Experience Center based on your profile with associated interests that you set up when you registered for the event. Take a virtual tour to get a preview.

Immersive Demos

For many of us, seeing is believing. At the core of the Citrix Experience Center are “day-in-the-life” immersive areas that show what it’s like to work in Citrix Workspace — on different devices, from different locations, and in different industries. As you navigate the exhibit, video messaging at each pillar features text and video that reinforces each experience. How will those demos work?

Imagine you’re the CEO of a large tech corporation and you’re finalizing the acquisition of a small competitor company. In this day-in-the-life scenario, you can trace the CEO’s actions through the entire business day, solving different business issues, using multiple mobile devices and accessing a number of critical third-party and proprietary apps. You’ll see how the CEO evaluates deal options and approaches the final stages of the acquisition. As he pivots from one business need to the next, end-to-end Citrix technology enables him to rapidly conduct business in a secure and productive way.

There’s also the option to experience a day in the life of a chief of surgery for a large healthcare entity. He starts his day at an industry conference, works in the office for a few hours, makes impromptu patient rounds and then wraps up the day with a surgery in a hospital across town. His schedule is equally hectic: accessing apps in a mobile environment; streaming video, displaying large DICOM files, casting information from a mobile device to a large screen, and viewing EMRs as he roams from room to room.

Admins in the crowd will see what it takes to provide secure, consistent experiences to users. In the network operating center, IT admins will dive deep into the automation, policies, and analytics that underpin Citrix technology on both trusted and untrusted networks. In the NOC, you’ll learn how Citrix makes your job easier, regardless of your choice of public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

Theater Presentations

Exciting as it is to see these scenarios up close, it’s even more important to understand that they illustrate what Citrix is doing today to bring the future of work to the here and now. In the theater presentations, Citrix executives will reinforce our vision and share the long-term direction that guides Citrix innovation. You’ll learn about secure delivery and management of any app, Workspace IoT, Citrix Analytics, and more. You’ll also hear from our strategic partners about Citrix Ready solutions that can extend the value of your Citrix environment.

Experts Bar

You’ve been through the Citrix Experience Center and seen it all. What comes next? Stop by the Experts Bar. Here, Citrix consultants, engineers, architects, and other solution specialists will keep the conversation going; whether you’re at the beginning of your cloud journey or further along, they’ll give you expert advice and guide you through next steps. Share new ideas. Inquire about best practices and lessons learned from other customer deployments. Hear more about new services introduced in the Opening Keynote, and learn more about the entire Citrix portfolio.

If you’re attending Synergy 2018, I hope you’ll make the time to see the Citrix Experience Center for yourself. A limited number of guided tours are available: registered attendees can schedule a tour, enjoy the immersive experience, and then, afterward, dive deeper into the areas that capture their interest. Learn more about the Citrix Experience Center, and sign up for your tour today.

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