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The Workplace of the Future Could Be ‘Anywhere’

Technology today has the ability to connect together the brightest minds in the world, and when the workplace is set up correctly, the opportunities for collaboration and innovation are limitless.

Ignite Your Innovation

Through a connected workplace you arrive more quickly at a Digital Workplace.

Customers Rely on Citrix for Security: 7 Reasons, 7 Cities, 7 Use Cases

In a July blog post about Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Stan Black, Citrix chief security and information officer,…

Get a Sneak Peek into the Future of Digital Workspaces with Citrix at VMworld

Citrix Workspace Service will aggregate apps and data across all resources including VMware WorkspaceONE, Horizon View, Amazon Workspaces, Microsoft RDS, and more.

How to Think About Digital Workspaces (Part 1)

What exactly does a "Digital Workspace" mean? Is it merely Just a Desktop? A virtual personal desktop? Must it reside in the Cloud? Does it need to have other features? Is it available for any device? In this post we examine some powerful analogies

Scripps Health Speaks to Mobility, Patient Value & the Future of Work

When it comes to applying technology to healthcare environments, we really speak two languages. There’s “clinicalspeak” and “technospeak.” Clinician and…

LG&E and KU Depend on NetScaler to Enable a Digital Workspace

Northern California (as well as Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada) experienced an extreme heat wave over the past week — …

A Better End-User Experience: With XenMobile & Intercede, the Future of Work is Here

This blog post was co-written by XenMobile team members Sameer Mehta, Robin Manke-Cassidy, and Shaunak Mistry. Security and ease of…

The World’s Oldest National Land Register Embraces the Future of Work

Registers of Scotland has deployed has deployed Citrix solutions to transform its workplace environment

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