If you put security first, everything else will follow.

This inspiring missive from Google Cloud Senior VP Urs Hölzle encapsulates the security mindset and innovations that Google is delivering — from endpoints to clouds. While Google has been building impressive security capabilities for their own products and services, they have also been working with partners like Citrix to extend cybersecurity capabilities. Cybersecurity demands a strong ecosystem, and I wanted to highlight some of the notable ways that Citrix and Google combine to deliver expanded value across security, privacy and compliance.

If you haven’t worked from a Chromebook lately, I highly recommend you investigate capabilities that transform the security experience for highly mobile workers, administrators, privileged users, and especially international travelers. I’m loving my new Pixelbook — it’s been a solid replacement from the 4+ year old Chromebook that has been my steadfast mobile office and travel companion.

With the ability to access all of my enterprise Windows, Linux, cloud, SaaS, web and mobile apps through Citrix Workspace, I can be productive anywhere, anytime, without leaving sensitive data exposed. And, for those times when I’m offline, risk-appropriate applications and data are available, along with notetaking and editing using the Google Pen. Being able to attend meetings and travel without lugging a backpack full of gear has been liberating!

Be sure to join us for the upcoming Citrix and Google webinar on Tuesday April 24th at 2pm EDT/11 am PST, moderated by IDG’s Bob Bragdon, to hear more about expanded use cases for secure mobility.

Expanding the cybersecurity ecosystem commitment with a strong focus on cloud was the theme of the recent Google Cloud Security Forum and Cloud Trust & Security Showcase events. I was able to see, firsthand, the technologies, services, and integrations that the Google Cloud team has been working on, as well as get hints of some future collaboration opportunities. With a strong overall theme of security and trust, Google showcased their commitment to the audience through executive engagement and a business-focused series of topics and discussions. Topics included the need for delivering board-level value, along with transparency, scale, automation, and the missive to “think like a regulator.” Over 20 new security capabilities were announced by Google last month. Of course, GDPR was a hot compliance topic. And new ways to visualize security through demonstrations of the Security Command Center helped to show how the complexities of a modern security architecture can be instantiated, managed and responded to.

Another notable area that Citrix and Google have recently collaborated on is Remote Browsing. By hosting virtual one-time-use Chrome browsers as a service, non-strategic apps and data that you want to keep off enterprise endpoints and networks can remain in the cloud. Virtualization of the browser-as-a-service enhances security, privacy, and performance by sending just the pixels to the cloud endpoint — not application code and data.

As you evolve your enterprise’s cloud endpoint strategy, consider where cloud-hosted browsers as a service bring unique security, privacy and performance benefits.

Are you attending Citrix Synergy?

In addition to registering for the Google-Citrix webinar hosted by IDG on Tuesday April 24 at 2pm EDT/11am PDT while at Synergy next month be sure to learn more about integrating Chrome Enterprise and Google Cloud with Citrix Workspace solutions by visiting Google Platinum Booth #203 and Learning Lab SYN618. We’ll be showcasing some newly announced Cloud and Endpoint Management innovations that we’re really excited about!