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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of #CitrixSummit 2018 with Special Offers

5 special offers to help Citrix partners get more bang for the buck at Citrix Summit 2018, where we’ll provide insight to Citrix strategy and concrete ways to build business.

Workspace IoT Maker Space @ Citrix Synergy!

What is a maker space? Well, it’s a place where people (makers) with shared interests, especially in computing or technology,…

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Securing Your Finance High-value Apps

Security never sleeps. For those involved with security, don’t miss an early morning Synergy session on May 24 to learn…

Get Ready to Rumble!

Citrix enjoys giving back to communities through our SimplyServe programs. At last year’s Citrix Synergy conference, I helped organize a…

Third Annual Synergy Tech Update

I love the number 3. There are 3 spatial dimensions (that we  know of) There are 3 primary colors. A…

XenServer on Nutanix HCI: Yes, You Can!

Nutanix has officially announced support for Citrix XenServer 7.1 to its list of supported hypervisors with the release of Nutanix…

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new edition of Windows, called Windows 10 S, which offers significant benefits in simplicity, security, and…

Peak Performance! What’s Triggering More NetScaler SDX Push vs MPX

What’s triggering more NetScaler SDX push now a days? Come to Synergy SYN411 for the details

Synergy 2017 「Future of Work -働き方の未来-」

Citrix Synergy 2017に、是非ご参加ください。将来に向けてワークスタイルを根本から変革するヒントが得られます。また、より生産性の高い新たな手法でさらに大きなビジネス価値を実現できるよう、インフラストラクチャを拡張するツールやテクノロジー、ノウハウについてもご理解いただけます。

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