The Citrix legacy of enabling secure work anywhere on any device holds even greater potential in a cloud-first world. What that means for all of our customers is the focus of Citrix Synergy 2018, May 8-10 in Anaheim, California. We’ve been working for months with the product teams on the best way to showcase Citrix innovation, and we’ve pulled together a compelling set of breakout sessions-some broad, some deep-that will show how Citrix solutions deliver both security and flexibility.

From a big-picture perspective, Synergy is your best opportunity to see Citrix experience, security and choice in action. Through demos and immersive environments-and at a more granular level, the breakouts-you’ll learn how they help your organization innovate, engage with customers and work better. The session catalog is now live; I hope you’ll take some time to explore it to see how the pieces fit together, and what’s in store for you this May. If you prefer to start with some recommended highlights, try a Path to Success, a day-by-day roadmap to the best content based on your focus. Also, Super Sessions are back by popular demand; this year, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the 66th U.S. Secretary of State, and New York Times bestselling author Michael Lewis.

If you are considering coming to Synergy and would like some help persuading your manager, check out Justify Your Trip. This online tool creates a custom PDF of sessions and labs that are of interest to you, and helps you make a case for the value of attending Synergy, both for your own professional development and the knowledge you take back to your organization.

The session catalog is filled with breakouts, networking events, theater sessions, hands-on labs, fireside chats and more. To get you started, I’m including a list of my top 10 recommended sessions, which offer a mix of tech updates and overviews on the secure digital workspace and secure digital perimeter, which you’ll hear more about in the coming weeks. If you haven’t already registered and built your personal agenda, now’s the time: visit

Top 10 recommended breakouts

SYN122: Secure digital perimeter use cases and how it can help secure your digital workspace
Citrix secure digital perimeter (SDP) is a comprehensive approach to security that helps orgs better secure and mitigate the growing security threats that come with today’s complex, multi-device and hybrid, multi-cloud environments. Learn how Citrix SDP simplifies enterprise security control, provides full visibility over the application delivery process, and takes advantage of rich analytics to give insight into user behavior.

SYN104: Creating an Enterprise-wide security framework for SaaS with Citrix Workspace
Enterprises are moving toward using more and more web and SaaS apps, and the trend is growing with the adoption of cloud computing. Citrix is well-placed to securely deliver your apps, desktops and data from anywhere with the fully integrated workspace that uses the suite of our technologies to solve your IT challenges. In this session, learn how to use Citrix Workspace to securely deliver web and SaaS apps to any device, over any network, on any cloud while providing a compelling user experience with no infrastructure. The session will highlight the overall value proposition of Citrix Workspace and showcase new innovations.

SYN128: Future of work
We are living in a rapidly changing world. Broad adoption of new technologies is transforming how we work and live. Successful organizations are focused on empowering the workforce with tools designed around its needs-unleashing its full creativity, bringing new talent from new places into the organization, and helping the components of the business work and collaborate more effectively. How do you manage the risk of harnessing new innovations amid the realities of legacy technology? With Citrix, of course.

SYN207: XenApp and XenDesktop tech update (May 2018 edition)
Are you incorporating the latest capabilities and recommendations into your implementations? With quarterly releases, it is extremely important to understand what new options are available, what optimizations are recommended and how to properly design around the latest technologies. With the speed of innovation, so much has changed in a year: this tech update session will provide you with the latest information on numerous topics in a fast-paced format.

SYN208: Inside unified endpoint management
Organizations today are dealing with a diverse set of devices and face challenges in securing and managing them. XenMobile Service, with its enhanced unified endpoint management (UEM) capabilities, enables management of a variety of device types (iOS, Android, Win10, Macs, rPi and Chromebook devices) from a single pane of glass. In this technical deep-dive session, our product architect will cover the core XenMobile Service architecture supporting UEM and best practices for securely managing each device platform.

SYN233: The geek’s guide to the workspace
A workspace gives users access to their desktop, apps and data when they want them, where they want them and on any devices they choose. A workspace secures organizations by only letting the right users access the right things at the right time from the right location, and it must provide centralized management for distributed users, desktops, apps and data.. Learn how a workspace is architected and see how major workspace capabilities function in this session.

SYN100: What’s new in Citrix Cloud services
Come see a summary of the latest and greatest Citrix Cloud services along with the most influential new features of the platform that help to streamline the secure delivery of apps, desktops, data and networking. In this session, you will get a bird’s-eye view of all Citrix Cloud services and learn about the services released in 2017 as well as any significant updates to existing services. You’ll also discover new platform features and functionality that put power and ease behind managing a secure digital workspace.

SYN124: Using Citrix Analytics to reveal internal threats
Data theft is a growing phenomenon as workers have more access to company data than ever before. While most organizations have implemented firewalls and intrusion-detection systems, very few take into account the threat from an employee who accesses, downloads or shares proprietary data for personal gain or use by another company. This session will demonstrate how Citrix Analytics Service (CAS) applies machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies, and report them to the administrators so they can automate actions to prevent security issues.

SYN102: Deep dive into security features for the ShareFile content collaboration platform
Some of the biggest challenges IT teams face today stem from data loss and security risks caused by the unauthorized use of personal cloud storage services. Using personal cloud storage for business purposes invites data leakage and compliance violations, allowing files to escape beyond the visibility and control of IT. A true secure content collaboration platform combines the convenience and simplicity of a personal cloud storage with enterprise-oriented features to enable productivity while providing increased security, flexibility and control for IT. Get a deep understanding of how ShareFile security controls can help your organization comply with GDPR and other regulatory requirements.

SYN203: Networking in the age of DevOps
Developers are increasingly driving the conversation and buying decisions around network equipment such as load balancers and other layer 7 proxies. Many of the changes are driven by fundamental shifts in software architecture such as microservices, automation, self-service, cloud native-ness and containerization. Citrix NetScaler is adapting to meet these new demands with new form factors, such as NetScaler CPX in a Docker format, by participating in cloud-native ecosystems such as Ansible and Terraform and by integrating into modern application platforms such Kubernetes and OpenShift. Learn how these new form factors and integrations solve problems for DevOps organizations.

Remember, this is just a small glimpse of the content that awaits you at Synergy 2018 — explore the session catalog for the full picture. If you haven’t already done so, register now. I hope to see you in Anaheim for Citrix Synergy 2018!

Jill Alexander has worked at Citrix for 18 years and has held several roles in IT, engineering, and marketing. As a director in product marketing, Jill is responsible for all of the content planning for major Citrix events and additionally serves in a research/analytics capacity for the team. Prior to joining Citrix, Jill spent several years as a software developer in the travel industry.