An estimated 45,000 healthcare professionals from across the globe are preparing to converge next week in Las Vegas for HIMSS Conference 2018. More than 1,300 leading health information technology (HIT) vendors will fill the exhibit hall. Citrix will be among them. Our message for technology and business executives is clear and cogent: Empower Clinicians with a Secure Digital Workspace from Citrix.

Healthcare organizations have long had to accommodate a mobile workforce. The challenge of supporting staff working in multiple physical locations has increased with the expansion of vertically integrated healthcare systems. Operations ranging from urgent care clinics and outpatient treatment centers to multiple physician practices and home-based health services are spread across metropolitan areas and regions. Citrix digital workspaces are used by a significant majority of hospitals in the US because we have long been the leader in securely delivering apps and data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

An essential enabler of the Citrix Secure Digital Workspace strategy, a secure digital perimeter (SDP) protects information and applications in a data center and encompasses SaaS, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Users, apps, devices and networks are protected by SDP with a “people-centric” framework that differentiates Citrix. This new approach focuses on real-time user behavior and context derived from known interactions with a network, apps and data, rather than reacting to unknown threats. SDP expands endpoint security by applying “follow the user” security policies that go where the user does. This is critical in a multi-cloud, app-based, bring-your-own device world.

SDP provides simplified control, 360 degree visibility, and intelligent analytics for Citrix Digital Workspaces.

“A better user experience is a better care continuum,” observed Citrix Director of Healthcare Solutions, Christian Boucher, in a recent blog post. He noted that “Clinicians today need simple, fast access to the information they’re consuming no matter where, when, or how they’re working. Whether they’re working at home on a tablet, accessing a clinical application on their mobile phone, or using a familiar workstation at their practice, their experience needs to be consistent and seamless.”

However, IT policy needs to balance an optimal user experience with the need for information security and regulatory compliance. As with preventive healthcare which is intended to help people avoid disease and keep costs down, having the right information security plan in place can vastly decrease the occurrence of expensive problems. I can’t think of anyone who would dispute the adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

SDP uniquely supports several critical and compelling health information use cases. Integrated Citrix solutions deliver the reliability clinicians depend on and the monitoring, visibility and intelligent analytics IT requires to protect against malicious attacks.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Contextual and Secure Access
  • Mobile and Device Security
  • Business Continuity and App Security

As a result, healthcare organizations can securely move beyond EHR delivery, transform clinical workflows, empower the mobile clinician, and provide IT with the flexibility it needs to meet constantly changing business and end user demands.

Visit us at HIMSS18 Booth 7520 to learn how a Citrix Secure Digital Workspace, protected by a secure digital perimeter, improves clinical mobility and user experience without compromising security or risking regulatory breach.

Find out how Citrix and Microsoft are partnering with customers on their journey to the cloud at the Microsoft Innovation Theater on Thursday, March 8th at 3:00pm, for a discussion lead by Citrix Healthcare Evangelist, Christian Boucher.

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