In the fictional TV drama Grey’s Anatomy, many of the storylines ring true because the show’s writers actually work closely with clinician consultants who practice in the medical community. What we don’t often see in the TV show, however, is the backstory — the trials and tribulations of dedicated technologists working to design, manage, and scale the IT solutions that support those clinicians.

On March 5-9, change the channel to Citrix at HIMSS 18 and you’ll get your chance, live and in person. You’ll be able to see how Citrix technology helps the “Dr. Shepherds” of the world save time, keep data secure, and gain efficiency, so they can spend more time on patient care (you might even see a McDreamy or two in the booth!)

In the TV show, we see three themes recur again and again: experience, security and choice. For Grey + Sloan doctors, experience means ensuring great patient value and delivering a high level of care. In the real world, with Citrix, it goes even deeper. Experience refers to the clinician’s user experience – to how a doctor or nurse or informaticist interacts with technology day-to-day. This makes a significant difference in the amount of time that a clinician can put toward delivering a great patient experience.

In Grey’s Anatomy, security means protecting patient health information (PHI). A Season 14 episode highlights the concept: Dr. April Kepner came face-to-face with a new patient, and was shocked to confront her jilted fiancé’s wife. Dr. Bailey — wearing her signature scowl — sternly reminded April that information about the case should not have been shared beforehand because she did not have a “need to know.” At Citrix, security means protecting patient information, but in our world, it revolves about how clinicians access it and share it between devices, networks and locations.

Finally, there’s choice. How many times have we seen the various Doctors Grey consult with patients and painstakingly explain that there is more than one way to treat a tumor or remove a swallowed foreign object? They explain that there’s a choice in forming a care plan. In the world of Citrix, the choice is in technology strategy. It’s about IT leaders being able to decide what kind of cloud technology works best in their specific environments, and it’s about not having to lock-in with one vendor unless it’s what’s desired.

There’a a rich list of capabilities that your already-existing Citrix technology can unleash — beyond delivering EHRs. There’s also an equally attractive list of new offerings to explore. Let’s look at some of the things that we will help you delve into when you visit Citrix at HIMSS 18:  

  • Enabling simple and secure content collaboration: securely sending images to another physician, using Skype to contact a colleague, or sending patient procedure details to payor.
  • Incorporating contextual access — granting access to apps and data based on job function or certification level or education, so that information only is being accessed by those healthcare professionals who really need it.
  • Speeding up device deployments, reducing errors during upgrades, streamlining service delivery, and freeing up administrators’ time.
  • Providing the bandwidth clinics, long-term care facilities, rehab centers and other facilities outside the hospital walls need to get the same great user experience they get in the hospital.
  • Deploying single sign-on and tap and go authentication capabilities.
  • Using Citrix Casting, a new Citrix capability that enables you to turn a tiny little box — a Citrix Ready workspace hub — into a workstation.
  • Fine-tuning secure mobility.
  • Gaining the freedom to use any cloud, whether hybrid, private or public.
  • Getting the services you need to help you manage that cloud environment and the tools to have full visibility into your IT environment.
  • Capitalizing on analytics capabilities to deliver truly meaningful and actionable insights that can be used in support of mitigating the toughest security and privacy issues.

In addition to this list of demos, save time to explore the immersive area in the booth; it includes even more demos that simulate how Citrix technology works in real medical environments. You’ll see everything from streamlining the capturing of data at patient’s bedside or accessing it at a nurses’ station to our Citrix Ready workspace hub. I won’t spoil it for you — stop over and see in action!

Another essential stop is the Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion at booth 12332 in Hall G. ControlUp, Flexxible IT, Fujitsu, IGEL, Ivanti, Liquidware, NVIDIA, Stratodesk, UniPrint, and Wacom all will be in attendance.

Not only are the Citrix booth and the Citrix Ready Pavillion full of things for you to discover, but also, another must-see area is on Level 2 in the Titian Ballroom: the Cybersecurity Command Center. In the Command Center, you can explore how to improve your healthcare entity’s security posture and learn about the kinds of cybersecurity threats being identified in the industry today. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy interactive activities and attend more than 60 sessions about cyber issues. There’s so much to see and do at HIMSS 18!

In the Greys’ Anatomy series, Dr. Derek Shepherd summed it up in one sentence: “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” At Citrix, we’d like to add, “Every day is a beautiful day to enable the clinicians who do just that.”


Visit Citrix at Booth 7520.

Visit Citrix Ready Partners in the Citrix Ready Pavilion , Booth number 12332.

Visit us in the Cybersecurity Command Center at Level 2, Titian Ballroom, Booth 8600, Kiosk 46.

Don’t miss Kurt Roemer of Citrix in Session CS71, Pivot Point, Securing the Digital Perimeter, at 3:30pm, Wednesday, March 7, Level 2, Titian Meeting room, Booth 8600.

Find out how Citrix and Microsoft are partnering with customers on their journey to the cloud at the Microsoft Innovation Theater on Thursday, March 8th at 3:00pm, for a discussion lead by Citrix Healthcare Evangelist, Christian Boucher.

Watch for Sean Donahue of Citrix presenting The VDI Files Declassified – v4 on Tuesday March 6 and Thursday March 8 at 1:15pm in the Nutanix Theater at the Nutanix booth 2887.

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