As a Master Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI), the conversation around security and monitoring inevitably comes up very early from students and is a core focus of mine around any conversation I have during my classes. Security is at the top of every organization’s list as a priority in today’s world. By leveraging NetScaler ADCs, Citrix allows you to achieve that secure environment and protect your organization’s and customer’s sensitive data.

Just protecting the data is not enough however, you also need to understand what your users are doing and how your environment is performing to proactively solve security and performance issues before they occur.

The demand for training around web application security and monitoring has never been higher and delivering these courses for my students has brought their organizations to a new level of security compliance and understanding of their applications.

CNS-318-2I: Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics – Secure Web Applications

This 3-day course is focused on how to protect your web applications and sites from both known and unknown attacks, including all application-layer and zero-day exploits utilizing NetScaler AppFirewall. During this class, you will learn vital real-world skills such as:

  • Understanding application vulnerabilities and top external threats
  • Obfuscating sensitive data on egress traffic such as credit card numbers
  • SQL Injection protection against unsanitized/unvalidated input data
  • Bringing legacy applications into compliance without a patch or update
  • Block zero-day exploits before they happen
  • And much more!

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Check out: CNS-318-2I

CNS-319-2I: Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics – Management and Optimization

This 2-day course is focused on how to efficiently monitor your environment using NetScaler MAS and advanced features such as caching, QoS, and TCP optimization.  During this class, you will learn real-world skills such as:

  • Monitor a single NetScaler or a fleets health using NMAS
  • Create templates for managing complex configurations across multiple NetScaler appliances
  • Cache web content locally on the NetScaler to quickly deliver to clients while reducing web server footprints
  • Optimize web application front ends dynamically and reduce the amount of bandwidth required to deliver content
  • Optimize the TCP stack of the NetScaler to reliably deliver content among different types of client networks
  • And much more!

Want to learn more about this course?

Check out: CNS-319-2I

CNS-320-2I: Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics – Security, Management, and Optimization

Get the best of both worlds by taking the security and monitoring courses above during the same 5-day session!

Check out: CNS-320-2I

Jacob Wilson, Advantec Global Services Inc (AGSI), Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

During his numerous years working with Citrix products, Jacob has been closely involved with the scoping, development of courseware/exams, and delivery of customized courses. Originally beginning his career as a consultant, he brings unique experiences to the classroom by delivering real world experience around the products that he is teaching. Jacob remains a consultant across the entire Citrix product stack for Platinum Partners. This continual consulting experience will ensure that Jacob’s classes are always up to date with the latest leading practices in the industry.

You can find Jacob on Twitter at @agsi_jwilson