Citrix certifications are highly valued by the IT industry, but don’t just take our word for it.

The 2017 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge, based on a survey of more than 12,500 IT professionals, found:

  • Citrix certified IT professionals make an average of $14,000 more than peers without certifications. In particular, respondents working as infrastructure engineers, system engineers, analysts and technicians see a significant improvement in compensation compared to their peers who don’t hold Citrix certifications, or who are uncertified.
  • Compared to other certification pathways, the mean salaries aligned with Citrix certifications were 7% higher than the market average.
  • Other benefits cited by survey respondents include greater opportunities on the job (being the first to be sought out due to their proven expertise), faster task performance and the ability to implement system efficiencies.

These results are clearly illustrated in our infographic.

Certification pays off

The Global Knowledge report noted that across the world, salaries of certified IT professionals can be as much as 29% higher than those of non-certified peers.

These numbers demonstrate the value that many organizations place on certifications. Companies pay for training and reward people who acquire new skills because, according to the report:

  • Many organizations face a skills gap, with the United States leading the way. Nearly three-quarters, or 73%, of U.S. IT decision makers surveyed reported a gap. Shortages of skilled employees can put stress on existing workers.
  • IT decision makers recognize that certified staff deliver multiple benefits to the organization, ranging from higher productivity and faster deployments to competitive advantage.

Enroll in training for your next Citrix credential

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