Without question, security is top-of-mind within every federal agency and IT solutions are required to meet stringent security requirements before they can even be considered for implementation.

The Department of Defense Information Network Approved Product Listing (DoDIN APL) represents the DoD’s master list of secure, trusted, and approved technology infrastructure products. The DoDIN APL was developed to maintain a single, consolidated list of products that have completed Interoperability (IO) and Information Assurance (IA) certification. Inclusion on this coveted list involves a rigorous 39-step process to ensure products meets federal compliance standards and regulations.

The secure delivery of apps and data is core to our business at Citrix. We build security into our products inherently to remove complexity for our customers, cut down the volume of noise from network traffic and provide actionable intelligence to help customers reduce the attack surface. These benefits are why Citrix has been chosen for inclusion on the DoDs list of approved products.

This certification provides assurance to the U.S. Department of Defense that the Citrix NetScaler MPX solution has passed stringent security and compliance certification testing. It demonstrates our commitment to undergo a rigorous process that allows U.S. military branches such as the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps, to procure and implement our NetScaler solution within their technology infrastructure.

What is the NetScaler MPX solution?

The NetScaler MPX solution is the industry’s leading web and application delivery controller that maximizes the performance and availability of all applications and data, and also provides secure remote access to any application from any device type. Adding the NetScaler MPX solution to this coveted certification list confirms our commitment to delivering scalability and performance solutions for high-security requirements.

For details about the APL Listing, see the approval documents on the official DISA APL Site.

For more information about NetScaler, visit Citrix.com/secure or our NetScaler MPX product information page.

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