It’s not often we get to be part of a really transformative development – one that empowers customers to do what they couldn’t before, and one that potentially shifts an entire industry.

But here at Citrix, it’s happening. Our vision is to enable the workspaces of the future, where organizations can easily integrate the diverse ways people use and interact with apps and data and deliver them to people anywhere in secure, personalized, contextually adaptive ways. And the way we’re delivering on that vision is with Citrix Cloud. Don’t forget that Citrix isn’t new to the cloud — we have hundreds of thousands of cloud seats already, consuming services like ShareFile, as well as hundreds of thousands of seats of cloud-delivered workspace services hosted via our Citrix Service Providers.

What’s that again?

Citrix Cloud is a cloud-based platform spanning everything that is Citrix (and more). Integrating these cloud services together with a simple, consistent administrative experience. So, it provides the best approach to securely creating and managing digital workspaces with everything people need to get work done, pulling together any type of app, desktops, files, document workflows, and even device management.

And it’s unique and inherently a multi-cloud approach. While the controls are all cloud-based, customers who use if for apps, desktops, and data can place their workloads on any public or hybrid cloud, or on any on-premises virtualized environment, as well.

Most importantly, Citrix Cloud meets customers where they are on their cloud journey. Providing cloud services that enhance existing traditional deployments while IT begins shifting workloads and services to the cloud.

It’s been the best year for new cloud customers!

Who’s adopting it? In the past year, Citrix Cloud has catered to customers of just about every size (100 seats to 10,000s) and in every imaginable industry (my favorites include US airlines, financial service firms, pro sports teams, hospitality, medical, healthcare, pharma, government, retail, engineering, and more) on just about every continent. Why? They’ve told us it’s…

  • Simple – much less set-up, and always up-to-date using a SaaS delivery model
  • Fast – easy to configure and integrate multiple workspace services
  • Flexible – able to manage multiple resource locations across multiple clouds

It’s been a great year for new cloud capabilities….

Recently, our innovation velocity has increased, with new cloud services, features and capabilities to build-out our workspace and network delivery model. We’ve added

And looking forward just a bit, you’ll see even greater capabilities…

  • Global expansion of Citrix Cloud services
  • Even more global points-of-presence for our NetScaler Gateway Service
  • Deeper service analytics
  • Broader network focused services and analytics
  • Deeper workflows to improve how people interact with apps and data
  • More cool services we can’t tell you about yet…

And a great year for new cloud use cases.

With Citrix Cloud, and our unique cloud connector architecture, we’re creating capabilities and use cases our customers haven’t had access to before, such as:

  • Integrated Virtual Workspaces – Helping admins deliver everything people need to get work done from one place, integrating virtual apps, VDI, mobility management, file sync, and networking.
  • Cloud-first strategies – Easing the transition to a “cloud-forward” strategy. Whether customers are pursuing a private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud strategy, they now have the flexibility to deploy across any infrastructure.
  • Overcoming traditional IT constraints – A Citrix Cloud approach to virtual workspaces now helps customers do more with less by centralizing IT management, streamlining upgrades, and reducing capital infrastructure
  • Scaling and business continuity – Helping admins easily manage deployments dispersed across data centers, clouds, and geographies while creating more reliable business continuity plans.

A final invitation…

I invite you to jump onboard this transformative movement. This year at Synergy 2017, we’ll have countless opportunities to learn about Citrix cloud, and even experiment with it.

And if you’re ready to take the next step, request a Free Trial of any service currently available in Citrix Cloud.  We’re looking forward to a great rest of 2017!

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