As humans, we are incredibly capable. We’re able to learn, to reason, and to make decisions. That said, we can often benefit from a hands-on prescriptive approach. We use recipes to cook and bake to achieve consistent and desirable outcomes (with perhaps a little improvisation along the way). We visit the doctor’s office when we’re not feeling well and are given a prescription for medicine, including instructions on how often to consume it, and any additional treatment advice. We follow instructions to put together a coffee table, toy house, or a go-cart (some assembly is always required). I’m pleased to announce that we now have prescriptive, technical advice for Citrix solutions. Introducing deployment guides, now available on Citrix Tech Zone.

Deployment guides provide step-by-step directions to help accelerate your Citrix implementations and ensure their success. Similar to a hands-on lab guide (but with a real-world production environment focus), they contain background information, various sections/tasks, overviews of the “what and why’ for each concept, individual steps with screenshots, section summaries, tips and tricks, and much more.

Learn About Citrix Files in Our First Deployment Guide

Our first deployment guide is Citrix Files with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service. In it, we cover how to install and configure the Citrix Files client for use with the Citrix Content Collaboration service in virtualized environments. We walk through the following:

  • GUI and command-line installation of Citrix Files for the VDA
  • Provisioning options
  • Using session lingering
  • Testing access and SSO
  • Configuring file type association (FTA)
  • Configuring GPO settings for Citrix Files
  • Profile containers and profile management

Check out the deployment guide today!

In case you couldn’t tell, I wanted to say that I’m excited about this official launch of deployment guides! Based on my 11+ years of experience at Citrix, I can easily say that step-by-step guides like this are very popular. Back in 2014, I made available a XenDesktop 7.1 on Hyper-V Pilot Guide with detailed guidance on a complete build-out. That guide has received thousands of downloads to date, along with many positive comments. I’m expecting similar interest with the many deployment guides we plan to release, so stay tuned for more content over the coming months!

We Need Your Feedback

Lastly, as I often do, I want to close on the topic of feedback. I can’t stress how critical it is for us to deliver the best, most relevant content to you. In fact, our publication of the Citrix Files deployment guide as our first deployment guide was driven primarily by customer and partner feedback. What would you like to see? What’s working great? Where are the challenges? Have a new use case? Tell us!

Share your feedback in the comments below, comment directly on any of our pages on Citrix Tech Zone, or use the feedback submission form or new article submission form.

Until next time, happy architecting your solutions!

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