Citrix provides virtual apps and desktops to more than 100 million users. Our next goal is to be the preferred way to work for 1 billion users, but we know the virtualization market is not quite that large. To reach 1 billion users, we plan to make Citrix Workspace the place for employees to get their work done. That means it will be the place for all the apps they need to do their job, plus the files, workflows, and information they need.

  • Virtual apps – The Citrix Workspace app provides access to applications and desktops using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops from any client device.
  • SaaS apps – The Citrix Workspace app now includes an embedded browser that enables full session Access Control for SaaS apps.
  • Local apps – The Citrix Workspace app integrated with local Windows 10 apps.
  • FilesCitrix Files is now integrated with Workspace, providing sync and share for local files and network shares as well as OneDrive, Box, and others.
  • WorkflowsCitrix Workspace’s intelligent capabilities provide notifications, micro apps, and virtual assistance to improve employee engagement and productivity.
  • Information – Citrix Workspace now enables secure Access Control to internal web apps like SharePoint and intranets that provide required employee information.

Looking deeper at the local app integration, which was announced at Synergy, Citrix demonstrated Citrix Endpoint Management with the ability to deliver Windows 10 apps to Windows PCs and laptops. The application packages (MSIx, appx, appxbundle) are uploaded to CEM. From there, an admin can select AD users or groups of enrolled devices on which to make the apps available. The user sees the authorized apps in the Citrix Workspace app designated with a download badge. Once selected, the app package is downloaded to the PC/laptop and installed. Check out the technical preview video below.

Soon IT departments will be able to provide employees a single place to get their work done and do it more effectively. Beyond deployment and app aggregation, you can also expect future value-add security and analytics features for local apps.