Citrix and Fujitsu put people first. That’s been a core commitment of our workspace partnership for 17 years. And it’s more important to our customers now than ever.

Why? Because people want choice and flexibility. Work doesn’t happen only within the walls of an office anymore or between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

We put people first, giving them the tools to connect, collaborate, and communicate, enabling easier and faster access to data for insightful decision-making. And we make sure the technology that possible doesn’t add to the complexity and become a hindrance.

We’re about making digital workspaces personal. Anytime anywhere mobility enables freedom at work. Getting personal means leveraging that freedom. Giving people apps and services they need to do their jobs on whatever device they use. Providing a connected and collaborative environment that can be easily personalized to deliver self-service, AI applications, and automated tools.

But getting personal doesn’t mean employers lose control. Our intelligent workspace establishes a single cloud-based distribution point for delivering tools, performance, interactions, and collaborations with ground up security. We ensure individual workspaces are aligned with enterprise business strategies such as cloud policies, so cost controls and performance objectives are understood and met.

This is why we are excited about how we are going to deliver an intelligent workspace, working with Fujitsu RunMyProcess. Our joint collaboration is set to provide a new innovative and impactful solution for enterprise customers that want to put their most important asset — their employees — first.

Freed from inhibiting work structures and empowered with personalized workspaces, employees really do engage with each other to achieve better outcomes. They deliver more value to employers and customers and achieve greater productivity. With a sense of personal responsibility and satisfaction, they’re more likely to greet the challenge of change with transformational ideas and innovations and, most importantly, stay engaged.

Citrix and Fujitsu are delivering people-first intelligent workspaces that delight our customers. After 17 years together, we’re excited and confident that our partnership will enable us to jointly redefine what the future of work looks like and continue to deliver innovations powered by our breadth of expertise.

Look out for more updates after Citrix Synergy 2019.