For many people, unified endpoint management remains synonymous with mobile device management or enterprise mobility management. While mobile devices continue to play a major role within unified endpoint management (UEM), UEM goes beyond mobile devices. In addition to iOS and Android, UEM solutions can manage a wide range of endpoints, including macOS, Windows 10, ChromeOS and IoT.

Yes, endpoint solutions are available to manage individual platforms, but this approach can be expensive and inefficient because these solutions weren’t built to maximize integrations. Choosing a UEM solution to manage endpoints within a workspace provides better management efficiencies. A single solution gives you one control plane to manage all platforms and enables you to better security by having visibility into the devices accessing apps and data, while giving IT some control over these devices.

When it comes to Citrix Workspace, choosing Citrix Endpoint Management (CEM) provides even more value and security. And more importantly, tightly integrating CEM with Citrix Workspace delivers a better user experience.

Citrix Endpoint Management is a full-stack UEM solution, recognized as a leader by industry analysts. It supports device management across mobility platforms, desktop/laptops, and IoT. It also provides a suite of mobile productivity apps — Citrix Files, Secure Mail, Secure Web and Citrix Gateway — that provide secure access to corporate data on mobile platforms and improve employee productivity.

Delivering Citrix Endpoint Management as part of Citrix Workspace enables built-in integrations that improve the overall experience and security for both admins and employees to give you:

  1. Better security: Citrix Endpoint Management integrates with Citrix Analytics to offer device data to help populate a user’s risk score. This provides a holistic view of the risk indicators within the Citrix environment and improves overall security.
  2. Improved management: Citrix Endpoint Management is accessed through Citrix Cloud, providing a single management plane for all Citrix services. Customers can also access Citrix Endpoint Management license usage via the Citrix Cloud License Usage Insights dashboard.
  3. Intune Value-add: Citrix Endpoint Management provides microVPN for Microsoft Intune apps and Secure Mail/Citrix Files for Intune. In addition, it supports ChromeOS, macOS, and the Citrix Workspace hub, expanding the breadth of devices that can be managed from a single console.
  4. Better user experience: Citrix Endpoint Management integrated with Citrix Workspace means users can easily access any app, including mobile, SaaS, web or virtual from their mobile device and their files. They can also benefit from intelligent capabilities that simplify tasks through personalized workflows and notifications.

These benefits can all be delivered to employees through Citrix Workspace app, providing users a consistent workspace experience across any device. For admins, Citrix Endpoint Management is managed from the Citrix Cloud control plane, and the on-boarding experience remains consistent with Citrix Workspace services.

Innovation for Citrix Endpoint Management never stops, and you will continue to hear more throughout the year about the value we are bringing to Citrix Workspace.

Attending Citrix Synergy 2019? Be sure to join us for one of our many Citrix Endpoint Management sessions:

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  2. Demo booth: Visit the Citrix Experience Center and get a live demonstration of Citrix Endpoint Management. To learn more about the many platforms that Citrix Endpoint Management can manage, visit Tower 2-2g: Securely manage your endpoints: Windows, Mac and IoT things.
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