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Citrix Ready Bundled Solutions On Show At Citrix Summit 2018

We are excited to showcase Citrix Ready verified Bundled Solutions today !

Synergy Unplugged – Coming to Manchester and Dublin!

Synergy Unplugged is coming to Dublin, Ireland and Manchester, UK - read more about the events here!

Maximize Your IT Heroes: Embrace more with Microsoft, Fujitsu & Citrix

The challenge lies in selecting the right technology to drive your business forward and successfully integrating it into your stack

1+1=4 … Hero Partnership Secures and Enables the Workplace of the Future

A great example of how we enable customers to forge ahead without compromise is our shared customer Nakilat. Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd., known as Nakilat, which is Arabic for “carrier,” has 63 liquid natural gas ships and four liquid petroleum gas ships that operate as a “floating pipeline” carrying Qatari gas around the world. The fleet represents 15 per cent of total world carrying capacity.

Embrace Innovation and Harness the Energy of a New Generation: Be a Future of Work Superhero

The world of work is being transformed before our eyes, and while a lot of attention has focused on technology…

The Best Way to Tackle Shadow IT – Secure Apps That Make It Easy to Get Your Work Done

From the latest app on our smartphones to the newest gadgets in our homes, many of us love to embrace…

Bring Your Own Tech to Work: Risks, Rewards & Realities for Healthcare

Organizations need to recognize that people will continue to use unauthorized technologies — often in direct violation of organizational policies.…

Summer is Here. That’s Why Your Employees Aren’t. 

Your employees are moonlighting on you. Now that the weather is warmer and the evenings are longer, chances are your…

How to Think About Digital Workspaces (Part 1)

What exactly does a "Digital Workspace" mean? Is it merely Just a Desktop? A virtual personal desktop? Must it reside in the Cloud? Does it need to have other features? Is it available for any device? In this post we examine some powerful analogies

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