In 2013, I moved roles inside Citrix to join the newly established global sales engineering team for ShareFile. Just a few months prior, the first version of the StorageZones Controller was released. This enabled our customers to store their ShareFile repository inside their own data center, while still delivering the modern, cloud-native user experience of ShareFile. And shortly after I joined the ShareFile SE team, we released the first version of StorageZone Connectors, providing access to existing files inside network file shares and SharePoint Server document libraries.

A lot has changed since that time, but some things have stayed the same. This hybrid approach and the flexibility it offers still sets Citrix Content Collaboration apart from other solutions on the market.

Another thing that also hasn’t changed is the guidance our customers are looking for when designing their on-premises storage zone.

Over the years our pre-sales, deployment, and consulting services teams have supported our customers in answering those questions. Our answers, combined with the experience of working with thousands of customers, are the foundation of our new reference architecture in the Citrix Tech Zone — Content Collaboration with on-premises storage zones.

The reference architecture provides answers to important questions like:

  • Where do I deploy my storage zone controllers?
  • How many storage zone controllers do I need to support the number of users in my organization?
  • Where would I put the Citrix ADCs and what functions do these provide?
  • How do I achieve a seamless experience when authenticating to connectors?

Some of those answers are not always black and white. For instance, the number of storage zone controllers needed varies with the use case. Two deployments for the same number of users can have a different number of controllers. In those cases, the reference architecture provides the guidance needed to make data-driven decisions, not just for the initial deployment but on an ongoing basis.

A reference architecture is not a static document. Over time our recommendations and best practices will continue to evolve due to product enhancements and new insights from customers and Citrix partners. It is also not the final stage of deploying an on-premises storage zone. We’re working on additional articles and guides to support you in maintaining the health of your storage zone.

I encourage you to check out the Content Collaboration with on-premises storage zones reference architecture and provide us with your feedback. How has it helped you? What else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below or by using the “Send us your feedback about this article” link at the bottom of the reference architecture page.

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