Every year, RSA chooses a new theme for its conference. And this year, it’s just a single word: Better.

What does that mean when it comes to your company’s security?

For RSA and its attendees, it means that preparing for a future filled with new threats and leveraging new technologies to combat them. The goal: build a secure world so others can get on with making it a better one.

This is where Citrix can help.

A Better User Experience

Your security perimeter is no longer your firewall. In today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment, it’s the internet. With Citrix Endpoint Management, a unified endpoint management solution, you can enable a new approach to security that allows you to secure an expanded attack area and address the full spectrum of security concerns — from data loss and availability to identity.

By combining centralized policy control, user-behavior insights, and machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can move from locking down devices to administering policies based on user behaviors and access patterns. When an anomaly or risky behavior is detected, you can automatically apply the appropriate security measures ranging from requiring a second-layer of authentication when logging in from a new device to turning off features such as the ability to download or print when accessing from a foreign network to blocking access to select (or all) apps after multiple failed log-in attempts or access from a dangerous location.

This provides a better experience for end-users, giving them the flexibility to work when, where and how they want. And it gives IT a single control plane through which they can ensure they do so in a secure and reliable manner.

And coming soon to Citrix Endpoint Management: mobile SSO. Mobile SSO provides Workspace app users on a mobile device simple navigation across Citrix-branded and Citrix-managed applications. Users get a consistent, seamless experience across devices and can connect to all their applications, spending less time navigating their apps and remembering log-ins and more time making the world better. Get a first look at RSA.

Better Security Through Partnerships

At RSA, you will be able to see the power of partnerships in action. While federal agencies and enterprises have used physical smart cards to access published resources in the past, new devices and new workflows have led to a new way of working. CEM integration with Entrust Datacard’s certificate-based, mobile smart credential technology, enables users to access their applications and data on mobile devices without the need of a dongle or physical card. This enables better security and a better experience on a mobile device and is compliant with US Federal HSPD-12/FIPS 201-2 PIV program mandates. We’ll have a demo at RSA.

Learn More at RSA

Will you be at RSA Conference 2019? Visit us at Citrix booth #961 to find out how Citrix works for you. Stop by and you can:

  • Get a first look at our mobile SSO feature, coming soon to CEM
  • See a demo of our integration with Entrust Datacard’s certificate-based mobile smart credential technology
  • Live-demo our unified endpoint management solution

And attend one of our theater sessions to stay ahead of the security curve. Find out more here. Let’s connect and see how Citrix can help you find better solutions to secure your organization.