This is the first post in a series — “What does Citrix do?” — that explores our technology and how it powers a better way to work and improves peoples’ lives.

One of the best parts of my job at Citrix is meeting with our customers at our Executive Briefing Centers. In these meetings, we welcome customers from around the world into our offices to learn more about their strategy, vision for the future, and how they see Citrix helping them reach their goals. We also assemble a team of subject matter experts to share the latest and greatest from Citrix, so we can jointly plan for the future.

During these meetings, I get the opportunity to hear customers talk about challenges with securing documents, driving employee productivity, and leveraging existing investments to get the most value from their current infrastructure. I’m also able to share how Citrix Content Collaboration (formerly ShareFile) can help them overcome those challenges. If our guest was previously unfamiliar with Content Collaboration, I know what their reaction is going to be at the end of the conversation: “I had no idea it did all that!”

While we love to welcome our customers at our Executive Briefing Centers, it’s important for them to know what Content Collaboration does without a trip to a Citrix office. So, let’s take a deeper look at what Citrix Content Collaboration does:

Citrix Content Collaboration Secures Your Documents

IT professionals have a healthy paranoia when it comes to securing their documents, and for good reason. A recent study found that the average cost of a data breach is up to $3.86 million. With the proliferation of unmanaged devices being used to access files, work happening at locations outside the office and on public networks, and employees using consumer file-sharing services as storage for sensitive corporate data, there’s never been more to worry about.

Content Collaboration will help you secure your documents with:

  • Encryption – 256-bit AES encryption of data both at rest and in motion prevents unauthorized parties from reading data stored in files.
  • Remote wipe – Protect against data leakage by wiping access and documents from devices that have been lost or belong to employees departing your organization.
  • Data loss prevention systems integration – Integrate your existing data loss prevention solution into Citrix Content Collaboration to detect when users are attempting to share sensitive information.
  • Information Rights Management – Add an extra layer of protection to sensitive data by applying a watermark to the document to control further redistribution of the shared content.
  • Citrix Analytics – Leverage machine learning to identify threats and risky behavior by your end users with a customizable, rules-based engine to take proactive action against those threats.

Citrix Content Collaboration Drives Employee Productivity

Visit the website of any business-to-business SaaS solution, and there’s a good chance you’ll see a message about how it’s going to increase productivity. What those messages often lack, though, are details on exactly how they’re going to do that.

So, let’s get specific: Citrix Content Collaboration will make your employees more productive by giving them secure, anywhere, any-device access to their documents and time-saving workflows:

  • Unified access through Citrix Workspace Create consistent, simplified access and collaboration to all the documents in your organization across physical devices, virtual apps and desktops, and networks.
  • Workflows – Automate and digitize processes that are manual and paper-based today. Streamline and centralize feedback and approval chains into a transparent, single point of collaboration for teams.
  • Citrix Files for Outlook and Gmail – Automatically convert attachments into shareable links with plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail, simplifying secure file sharing for end users while creating savings on email storage costs for IT.
  • Anywhere access to documents – Empower end users with access to business-critical documents while they are working in the office, remotely, or in a field location with limited or no connectivity.
  • Electronic signature – Deliver a document to a single signer or a group with a secure link, and get a document with a legally-binding electronic signature automatically stored in your account.

Citrix Content Collaboration Empowers IT with Data Storage Flexibility

There’s only one true statement about the cloud: everyone’s doing it differently. Some organizations have sprinted towards the cloud, moving all of their apps, data, and workloads. Others remain firmly tied to their on-premises data center. Lastly, some organizations have determined that a hybrid approach is the best strategy for them.

Citrix believes in choice. Citrix Content Collaboration enables IT to execute their data storage strategy effectively, no matter what that strategy is.

Store data in a public cloud – Leverage your private tenant in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services to store your Citrix Content Collaboration documents.

Store data on-premises – Maximize the investment in your data center by storing your Citrix Content Collaboration documents on-premises. This strategy helps you get the most ROI from your existing infrastructure while effectively mobilizing data.

Store data in Citrix-managed cloud storage – Get your IT team out of the business of managing file servers. By leveraging Citrix-managed cloud storage, your documents will always be accessible by your team while you free IT resources to focus on strategic projects.

Hybrid storage – Many organizations are pursuing a storage strategy that leverages cloud storage for large files that don’t contain sensitive information, like a marketing video, while storing files with highly confidential information, like customer credit card numbers, on-premises. Citrix Content Collaboration’s hybrid storage capabilities enables customers to turn that strategy into a reality.

Connectors – Use Content Collaboration as unified access to all of the documents in your organization, including existing repositories like SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

So, it’s pretty simple: Citrix Content Collaboration secures your documents, drives employee productivity, and empowers IT with data storage flexibility. Citrix Content Collaboration has been recognized by both Gartner and Forrester and customers across geographies, industries, and company sizes have chosen Citrix as their preferred content collaboration solution. Now that you know what Content Collaboration does, we’d like to know what we can do for you.

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