What do movie trailers, food samples and Citrix Workspace have in common?

Other than the fact that they all regularly bring me joy, they all come from people who believe in giving customers a worthwhile preview.

Because it’s daunting not knowing what to expect of your workspace investment, we have created interactive Citrix Workspace tours. Whether you just can’t wait for a Citrix demo or you want to get some behind-the-console experience as an administrator, you can take advantage of these right now!

We have six tours available to view:

  • Workspace overview: Navigate through the administrator console
  • Configure SSO for SaaS apps: Learn how to apply granular security controls to a SaaS app
  • Configure web access: Apply restrictions to prevent users from accessing non-compliant websites
  • Prevent security risks: Get insight into risky behavior and proactively prevent security breaches
  • Access apps, desktops, and files: Preview the end-user experience
  • Secure web browsing: See how Citrix Workspace can control access to unsanctioned SaaS apps and online content

These brief tours let you test drive Citrix Workspace as an administrator and an end-user. Get acquainted with both sides of the Workspace experience and see the key use cases in action.

More is on the way. In the meantime, take the Workspace tours and check out these demo videos for a deeper dive: