Formerly known as NetScaler MAS, Citrix Application Delivery Management provides consistent visibility and manageability of applications in a hybrid-cloud environment, whether the applications are cloud-native or are being migrated from an existing on-premises deployment.

Why is this so important?

For any business these days, it is about apps they consume and the ones they deliver. Applications enable how your employees get their jobs done, and how you communicate and transact with your customers and partners. The success of your business depends on the experience delivered by these applications.

But the application delivery environment is becoming more complex and dynamic than ever before because of two fundamental trends that must be embraced:

  • The growth of hybrid multi-cloud: Increasingly, the critical applications on which businesses depend are delivered from the cloud. Clearly, economic, security and experience benefits drive this transformation. However, we recognize that a single cloud vendor will not necessarily meet all your needs. In order to maximize the economic benefits and flexibility, we see the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud environments as a natural choice for most enterprises.. You need to ensure applications and the application delivery network functions are portable between clouds, with visibility and control across the hybrid multi-cloud environment
  • New approaches to application development and deployment: Not only are applications moving to the cloud, but also, the components that make up applications are becoming more numerous and distributed, and need to be dynamically managed. The use of microservices architecture with components and containers concepts in app development are driving this transformation. In parallel, the agile methodology for application development and release combined with the DevOps movement is further blurring the lines between development and operations. Applications are being heavily instrumented at dev time and orchestrated to facilitate automation of deployment in production and enable rapid iterations.

Citrix is in the business of secure and reliable delivery of applications and a unified workspace. That’s what we do, and we have a highly portable application delivery networking portfolio that is designed to protect your investment as you transform your app infrastructure.

But what about maintaining visibility and control when workloads are on the move and developers demand more and more visibility and control?

Are you moving application workloads to AWS or Microsoft Azure? Are you worried about managing all of your infrastructure and maintaining visibility as you move to the cloud? Are you concerned about enforcing consistent policies and keeping apps together with the data and network components secure? Do you need a way to keep track and troubleshoot hundreds of applications?

This is where Citrix Application Delivery Management can change how you operate an application delivery infrastructure.

Available as a cloud service or as a software that you can download, Citrix ADM allows you to:

  • Automate critical provisioning, configuration and management tasks across your hybrid cloud including upgrades and security (SSL) certificate management
  • Harness data from your cloud and on-premises delivery environments and apply powerful analytics to drive end-to-end application performance management and troubleshooting
  • Identify security threats to your applications and mitigate them in a timely way
  • Map applications to infrastructure and maintain the working configurations and policies throughout the lifecycle, so that applications can always be managed end-to-end regardless of changes and wherever they are deployed
  • Provide role-based access to different teams across your organization
  • Manage licenses centrally and dynamically as you move and scale workloads

These are just a few examples of how Citrix ADM can help you manage and automate your app infrastructure. The best way to understand the benefits of Citrix Application Deliver Management is to try it. You can try the cloud service or download the software here.