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Simplify operations, accelerate troubleshooting, and gain insights into your application delivery infrastructure

Citrix Application Delivery Management is the only application delivery management platform that provides comprehensive automation, faster troubleshooting, and actionable insights from a single pane of glass for all your application delivery controller (ADC) infrastructure across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

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Managing application delivery across disparate on-premises and cloud environments can be challenging. A single pane of glass for consistent configuration, orchestration, and change management makes it much easier to holistically manage your network resources across a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Citrix Application Delivery Management gives you a single console with automated one-click deployment for faster and less error-prone configuration while preserving your ability to audit configurations when needed.  

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Knowing where to look first when your applications are underperforming can be a daunting task. It can be especially challenging to observe and troubleshoot microservices-based applications because they are much more complex than monolithic applications. For faster deployment and troubleshooting, Citrix Application Delivery Management provides contextual visibility into your application performance regardless of environment — including observability for east-west traffic between microservices.

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Applications and APIs are the most valuable and vulnerable assets for any business. But securing them remains challenging because the attack surface has increased with the use of cloud and the attacks have become more sophisticated. You need a solution for gaining actionable insights and simplifying the operations of your application delivery infrastructure. Only Citrix Application Delivery Manager offers the simplicity of a single pane of glass for consistent security operations across hybrid multi-cloud.

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