For years, IT vendors of all stripes have been marketing the notion of end-user access to any application, on any device, from anywhere. Citrix has been the leader in actually delivering on this promise with its comprehensive product portfolio spanning remote locations, networks, endpoint devices, virtual applications and desktops, and content collaboration. It’s not just about delivering a simplified and unified experience to the end user, but also, to the IT teams that support it all.

The latest Citrix Workspace offerings continue to separate Citrix from all the pretenders. They deliver critical layers of core workspace functionality engineered to work together to eliminate the need for complicated third-party integrations and to reduce cost. These offerings are delivered entirely as a Citrix Cloud service; enterprises can focus on what they do best and skip many mundane administrative activities.

In addition to all the other next generation technology in the new Citrix Workspace offerings, we’ve added intelligent, advanced analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This goes well beyond basic reporting, logging and standardized analytics and places Citrix significantly ahead of everyone else who thinks simply delivering an empty desktop is enough to satisfy customers. Citrix Analytics layers in a focus on security, application performance and operations to the modern Workspace.

Let’s focus on security capabilities of Citrix Analytics. The power of an integrated modern workspace really pays off in a security context when the challenge is trying to piece together a trail of isolated behaviors that, when viewed in aggregate, reveal a real threat. With the attack surface growing exponentially in modern IT infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud, this use of intelligent analytics to uncover hard to detect user security threats is critical. Examining user behavior across the Citrix environment can help discover unknown risks to the business.

Citrix Analytics aggregates data from across the Citrix portfolio and creates unique, individual risk profiles of users. This provides a wide-ranging view of user behavior across the environment. For example, Citrix Analytics can detect unusual login activity, access to risky web sites, use of jailbroken devices, excessive file downloads and many more. Analyzing this data can find potential threats before extensive damage to the business can be done.

One of many security threats organization face is ransomware. This type of attack holds your critical data hostage until a payoff is made to the perpetrators. Detecting and halting this very costly and potentially reputation-damaging attack is something Citrix Analytics can do in conjunction with Citrix Content Collaboration. Here’s a short video on how that works:

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