Today, Citrix launched new cloud services resource locations in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) to meet growing demand and specific business requirements of enterprises operating in the region.

Citrix cloud services domiciled in APJ include the Citrix Cloud management plane, XenMobile service area, and ShareFle storage zone in Microsoft Azure data centers in Australia. New customers in APJ will now access Citrix cloud services from the new resource locations. Existing APJ customers currently using the EU or Americas Citrix cloud regions have the option to move. Details are available from Citrix account managers and Citrix Solutions Advisors.

The primary driver for our expansion of services in APJ is the rapid pace of cloud adoption by businesses of all sizes. Penetration is gaining quickly in both developed and emerging markets. CloudTech, citing an IDC study, reported that in 2017, cloud services in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan and China) grew 38.2 percent, China grew 33.8 percent, and Japan grew 4.3 percent. The outlook for market growth in 2018 is equally encouraging. An expanded in-region presence will enable Citrix to better meet customer demand.

The addition of Citrix cloud resource locations in APJ also aligns the company, customers, and partners to address data sovereignty and privacy regulations proliferating across the region. Compliance and data protection are critical for government agencies and organizations conducting business in the public sector. And industries, such as financial services and healthcare, need to operate in complex legal and regulatory environments.

Citrix cloud services are the best way for companies to move to the cloud at their own pace in a cost-effective, operationally efficient manner. One of the things I most like about the cloud, which often takes a back seat to the economic advantages, is that software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) allow businesses of almost any size to develop, run, and manage powerful applications.

Citrix cloud services and management plane have been globally available since they were introduced in 2015. They have quickly become the preferred way for customers who are upgrading or deploying an integrated Citrix digital workspace to adopt XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, and ShareFile. That’s because Citrix Cloud provides a fast, simple, secure and adaptive path while delivering undeniable financial and performance benefits.

Some of the largest Citrix cloud services customers are based in APJ, and momentum is accelerating. Healthcare providers, financial services companies, and educational institutions across the region have moved from on-premises instances of Citrix technologies to Citrix cloud services. New customers choose the fully managed platform to speed deployment, eliminate the need to update or upgrade, avoid buying additional IT infrastructure, and unlock the many other advantages of SaaS.

The addition of Citrix cloud services in the APJ region bolsters our global presence. Citrix cloud services now include:

• 3 Citrix Cloud regions serving the globe (Americas, European Union, and Asia Pacific and Japan)
• 8 XenMobile Service regions
• 20 ShareFile Storage Zones, including Australia, Japan, and Singapore
• 12 NetScaler Gateway points of presence
• 4 languages supported in Citrix Cloud Administrator UI

Enhanced Security

Where and how data is stored is especially scrutinized by government regulators. Regardless of which Citrix cloud services region is selected, all customer data stored in customer managed resource locations is entirely under the control of the customer. Customers can store the data in their own datacenter, with a specialized cloud storage provider, in the resource location of a major public cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure, or with a managed service provider (MSP) including a Citrix Service Provider. Citrix has no ability to access or move data across regions. This gives added data security protection to customers and is a key security and data protection feature of the Citrix Cloud architecture. Citrix cloud services allows choice and empowers customers.

The introduction of Citrix secure digital perimeter better protects apps, data and networks. An essential enabler of the Citrix Workspace strategy, the secure digital perimeter surrounds SaaS, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments and protects users, apps, devices, and networks with a “people-centric” approach.

Citrix continues to provide follow-the-sun support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Citrix Cloud Success and Support teams around the world are always available to ensure customers and partners get the assistance required.

More to Come

Just as Citrix cloud services offers options to meet customers wherever they are in their cloud journey, Citrix will continue to add cloud regions to meet the preferences, policies, and requirements of our global customer base.

More native language support is also planned. Japanese language support in the Citrix Cloud Administrator UI is expected in the second half of 2018.

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