It appears Mother Nature missed the memo that last week marked the start of spring, as the fourth nor’easter in as many weeks made its way into the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. This, in turn, resulted in more snow days and impacts to productivity. Middle Tennessee also unexpectedly closed schools earlier in the week expecting tornadic weather. Earlier this month, the UK experienced chilling ice and snowstorms twice, paralyzing much of the region. So, how do you ensure your employees are still able to access their existing resources while they are working safely from home?

Many organizations have chosen Citrix for remote access for instances in which employees may not be able to travel into the office to access their applications. But did you know that Citrix can provide that same secure, high-fidelity experience to physical desktops as well?

Today, over 3,000 customers use XenDesktop for secure remote access to physical systems, alleviating the need for complex VPNs, sluggish protocols, or frustrating employees with device lock-in.

Using XenDesktop Remote PC Access as part of Citrix Cloud, you can have your organization up and running with secure, high-fidelity remote access in seconds!

Why Citrix?

Citrix has been known for providing secure digital workspaces for decades, yet there are nearly one billion corporate PCs still in use. Of those, 100s of millions are enabled with remote access, and to many organizations, that existing desktop is their workspace. Without Citrix, customers have limited alternatives for remote access and teleworking:

  • Enabling VPN tunnels, then securing the network path with access controls, which reduces the types of devices from which remote connections can be made – reduces choice.
  • Using poorly performing protocols either in a VPN tunnel, unprotected connections NATd through firewalls, or published as a proxy app in XenApp – creates frustrating experience.
  • Purchasing and issuing expensive laptops or purpose-built thin clients — which then build VPN tunnels with external appliances — and having to control and optimize these connections – increases investment costs.

The core components in a secure, high-fidelity remote access experience utilize Citrix Receiver, HDX, and SmartAccess. These components are well-known to our XenApp customers for providing the richest remote experience with access and control tightly encapsulating any connection type on any device. This same rich experience can also be utilized remoting to a PC or laptop!

We get asked: “Is remote access to PCs and laptops on the decline?” Far from it! In an October 2016 IT Industry Survey, out of 985 IT decision makers surveyed, 74% of them were either planning to implement, had an implementation underway, or had upgrades in process for deployments providing remote access to corporate PCs. There will still be one billion corporate PCs in five years.

Why now?

With the future transforming into digital workspaces, you struggle with what you have right now. The path is clear, but you need something to combat the complex chaos of remote access today: sudden storms, and GEO political and worldwide events all strain remote access deployments built from a 1990’s framework.

XenDesktop can take your organization into the digital frontier of secure remote access using Citrix Cloud, and the deployment can be a stepping-stone towards a VDI deployment, even to a digital workspace. Use your existing PC desktop resources and when the time is right, migrate those desktops with that same Cloud Service  Leverage your subscription investment today and consolidate remote access deployments. Your employees will compliment you over-and-over on your switch to a faster, richer experience from a device they get to choose!


Not only can Citrix provide secure remote access to apps, data, and VDI, but it is also the only solution with secure remote access to existing PCs as part of unified digital workspace solution for all your secure access needs.

Don’t just hear it from us — take a look at this case study to find out how an international law firm deployed XenDesktop for Remote PC Access.

For more details on pricing or general questions, contact your Citrix Cloud partner or Sales representative.