Last year, Microsoft unveiled its plans to launch Azure data centres in South Africa, allowing SA businesses to manage applications and services through a local network of Microsoft-managed data centres. This will encourage greater adoption of cloud-based workspaces as the obstacles of latency and governance are removed.

Citrix is a key global Microsoft partner, assisting companies in making this transition from purely on-premises desktop and app delivery solutions to ones based in Azure, or a hybrid blend of cloud and on-premises. Jointly, Microsoft and Citrix have a vision to make cloud a reality for all businesses by building high performing, productive, and secure digital workspaces which people can consume on any device, at any location and over any network. According to Gartner, subscription models will account for over 80% of licence offerings by 2020, and worldwide spending on public cloud computing will increase rise to $162bn in the same timeframe. The benefits of the subscription model are huge, and the cloud is the one piece of infrastructure that can guarantee access to all other applications and sources, and create a trusted environment to truly enable the mobile scenario. All of this is delivered with minimal upfront risk and much lower capital investment.

Together with Microsoft, globally Citrix already has 230,000 joint customers and tens of millions of users who rely on our combined solution every day. Citrix’s market-leading technology is available via Citrix Cloud services on Azure. Our approach is to take responsibility for the management components of the Citrix solution so customers can enjoy an evergreen environment, with no need to upgrade ever again. With management components in Azure, and secure Cloud Connector technology, customers can easily manage desktop and application environments irrespective of whether they are on premise or have been moved into a cloud environment.

It’s an exciting time, and ultimately Citrix and Microsoft are making it easier for businesses to enhance their efficiency, flexibility and user experience by ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud. In Microsoft you have the world’s premier intelligent cloud and with Citrix you have the world’s best solution for the delivery of apps, desktop and data as a service. This joint offering, together with local data centres, will be game changing for South African companies.

Join us on the March 20th in Cape Town for a candid and detailed discussion on how our partnership can transform your organisation with a productive, high-performing and secure digital experience based on Azure. Should you wish to attend, click here to RSVP.