Cybersecurity is all about managing and reducing your business risk — not only the overall risk of damage to your brand, but also the risks associated with losing customers, revenue, and experiencing decreased employee productivity due to unresponsive applications.

Are you concerned about defending your network and applications from external cyber-threats?

Attackers have moved up the stack, and network firewall technology is no longer sufficient to combat the application level threats to your infrastructure and your business.

You need the application layer protection provided by the Citrix Web Application Firewall.

Please join us on February 21 at 3 p.m. EST for a webinar is brought to you jointly by NSS Labs and Citrix.

  • NSS Labs is recognized globally as one of the most trusted sources for independent fact-based cybersecurity guidance. NSS Labs specializes in security testing and security research, and provides actionable insights to security teams worldwide.
  • Citrix Web Application Firewall is a key service in the Citrix security portfolio, and is recommended in the NSS Labs Web Application Firewall test report based on real world testing of leading WAF vendor products.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How a Web Application Firewall (WAF) can protect your applications and infrastructure
  • The NSS Labs testing approach, methodology and results
  • How to assess Web Application Firewall solutions in terms of security effectiveness, performance, stability, reliability, and TCO

You will also learn more about why the Citrix Web Application Firewall was recommended and how it:

  • Fits in the Citrix Secure Digital Perimeter (SDP) portfolio of access and security services
  • Provides protection against application layer attacks
  • Has the best price-performance in the industry
  • Provides “pay as you grow” capability
  • Is available on a range of appliances, in software, or as a cloud service  

Join Mike Spanbauer, VP of Research Strategy at NSS Labs, as well as me, Darshant Bhagat and Lena Yarovaya from Citrix to learn how the Citrix Web Application Firewall can protect your critical applications!

The webinar will be broadcast on February 21 at 3pm US Eastern Standard Time. Register here.