In more than a decade of traveling for the Citrix Innovation Award project, I’d never been to Sweden, so I was really looking forward to working with AceIQ and their customer Malux AB on their Citrix Innovation Award for Partners video. We actually flew into Copenhagen airport in Denmark, then took a scenic drive across the Øresund Bridge to Malmo, and, finally, Kristianstad, home of Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor, AceIQ.

Citrix Innovation Award AceIQ – Malux Sweden

We met with AceIQ CEO Hakan Andersson, who shared with us his company’s pride in being a Citrix partner and its passion for developing solutions that help people work better. From City Hall to the shores of the Baltic Sea, we toured southern Sweden and worked with the AceIQ staff to capture their story. Their philosophy of working with customers is all about thinking strategically and being innovative and collaborative in helping bring IT solutions to businesses and individuals across the Nordic countries.

They shared the story of their customer Malux, who supplies lighting, electrical and communications equipment for hazardous environments (think explosion-proof industrial lighting). Jorgen Norman, Chief Information Officer for Malux—who had worked for years with AceIQ in a previous role—wanted to transform the role of IT at Malux, and make it more scalable and mobile. Jorgen had a vision to deliver more flexibility and mobility for Malux employees, while allowing them to work from anywhere, so they could focus on their core business, growing their client base and expanding into new markets.

Citrix Innovation Award AceIQ – Malux Sweden

Working with Malux, AceIQ laid out a plan to move their data and workloads to the cloud using Citrix and Microsoft Azure. Citrix Workspace Service incorporated XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, NetScaler and ShareFile to enable secure access to Window apps, web apps, and mobile apps on any device.

We were fortunate to meet and talk with Jorgen and his executive team at Malux when we visited their headquarters in Ornskoldsvik, in the heart of northern Sweden’s High Coast.

They spoke of the confidence they had in both Citrix and AceIQ to change the way they deliver IT services to the business. Malux wanted to invest less in physical IT infrastructure, while also realizing the benefits of an end-to-end cloud solution: enhanced security, the digitization of data, the ability to acquire the industry’s best talent wherever they might be located, and the swiftness and agility to scale IT needs to support business demands.

Special thanks to the wonderful teams at both AceIQ and Malux, for welcoming us to Sweden and demonstrating how Citrix helps companies accelerate innovation and provide flexibility for their businesses.

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