Those of us in IT know that change is a constant. How do you navigate it? The first step is easy: just get to Citrix Summit 2018, January 8-9 in Anaheim, California.

Summit will give you the skills to achieve your personal and business goals and set you up for phenomenal success in the coming year. We make this happen with breakout sessions that are directly targeted to your role and cover exactly the topics you need to understand. Summit also has the advantage of including your Citrix Sales colleagues, so you can learn together, be inspired, and collaborate on the next big deal.

I’ve said before that Summit packs more training into two days than you can get in multiple trainings all year. So take a look: explore the session catalog and get ready for what’s ahead with dozens of unique breakouts in five tracks.

Sessions are numbered by level of technical complexity, and the prefix will let you know what type of session it is; customize your search in the session catalog, and watch for these favorites:

Get ready for the cloud

SELL106: Citrix Cloud services customer stories, use cases, and transition success

Customers are hungry for business guidance on transitioning to cloud services. This session will help you understand the market drivers that are leading customers to adopt Citrix Cloud services and the use cases that are solving their IT problems as they journey towards a cloud-first strategy.

TECH308: Embrace hybrid deployments with Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop Service

Learn how XenApp and XenDesktop Service makes complex setups simple to deploy and manage. This session will cover how to architect a setup that spans multiple datacenters and public clouds or a combination of both.

Deepen your Citrix knowledge

TECH107: What’s new: XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile

Kick off 2018 with all the latest XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and XenServer product updates. Learn how to expand your existing XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile opportunities through different use cases while opening the door to showcase to each customer the power of the Citrix secure digital workspace.

SELL112: Understanding the Citrix Analytics story

Enhancing security, optimizing performance and increasing the availability of applications are top-of-mind for IT teams. Using a broad range of analytics solutions from Citrix, administrators can gain the insights they need to drive effective business decision making. This session will introduce the Citrix Analytics vision and portfolio as well as a new Citrix offering in support of user behavior analytics that identifies compromised access and malicious activity and provides actionable insights to mitigate loss of data and intellectual property.

Focus on networking

SELL108: ADC use cases in the new hybrid, multicloud world

Hybrid and multicloud environments are the new normal for customers, but they still require a superb experience for end users as well as end-to-end application visibility to protect the investment and help IT teams empower their LOB customers and internal developers. This session will explore the new use cases that arise from the new environments IT now lives in.

TECH310: Demystifying SD-WAN for infrastructure architects

As many customers start to extend their datacenter services into the cloud, multisite connectivity becomes one of the most important challenges that must be addressed. Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN answers that call, providing unrivaled flexibility and control of the network in these scenarios. Even if you’re not a network architects, this session will demystify SD-WAN and show how you can quickly build a multisite system with SD-WAN.

Hands-on labs

If you want to dive even deeper into some topics, then tack on a day to your trip and come to the Instructor-led Learning Labs preconference workshop on Sunday, January 7. It’s a great way to get more focused training before Summit begins. Up to two labs are included with your registration, but remember to register early to reserve your place—this is one of the most popular events at Summit.

Lab options include:

LABS602: App layering integration with XenApp and XenDesktop using PVS and MCS

By layering not just applications but the operating system as well, app layering simplifies application and image management in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments while accelerating application delivery. App layering is available directly from Citrix Cloud, making it easier to adopt and easier to manage, and ensuring the best possible experience for your users.

LABS611: Deploy Apps and Desktops in Microsoft Azure with Citrix Cloud

Learn about Citrix Cloud and how to use the XenApp and XenDesktop Service to deploy apps and desktops into Microsoft Azure. This session will focus on the architecture of Citrix Cloud and Cloud Connectors with Microsoft Azure as the resource location.

LABS604: Leveraging NetScaler ADC in the public cloud infrastructure

NetScaler is the best cloud-native ADC running in a public cloud infrastructure. It can be deployed across any form factor, hypervisor or cloud, and features best performance in software mode. In this session, you will examine various use cases for how NetScaler is leveraged in cloud deployments, look at some of the factors that affect performance and see the security that NetScaler ADC provides to the environment.

Networking, vision, roadmaps & more

Summit 2018 is packed with even more resources, including networking events and access to industry, product and marketing experts. You’ll hear about Citrix vision, learn the product roadmaps, and develop the soft skills to raise your profile. I hope you’ll join us this January in Anaheim—we have many successes to celebrate from 2017, and a lot to look forward to in the new year. Visit for more details and follow me on Twitter: @moerbeck

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