The cryptocurrency market (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, etc) is currently valued at over $140 billion – CNBC

With all of the hype around cryptocurrency, my good friend, Steve Greenberg, recently starting mining cryptocurrency as an experiment. He purchased a 6-GPU mining server powered by NVIDIA processors. After experimenting with various Linux distros and miners, he decided to proceed with the EthOS Mining OS. Not only does this OS currently power over 30,000 mining systems, but it also has an API. To keep track of his minings, Steve selected NanoPool, which also has an API.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are important features of most software platforms today. They allow programmers (and services like IFTTT and Citrix Octoblu) extend their functionality to meet your needs. Here’s a photo of Steve’s new cryptocurrency mining system:


With all of this new-found excitement, Steve wanted regular updates of the state of his new mining system and new net worth. Being a long-time Citrix partner and reseller, Steve decided to use Citrix Octoblu for monitoring and alerting. With both mining platforms having REST APIs, the Octoblu monitoring and alerting automation was simple. Here’s a screenshot of the Octoblu workflow.


This workflow can be triggered manually or programmatically with a webhook call or it can be scheduled to run at a given time/day or run on a recurring interval throughout the day. Octoblu calls both the Nanopool and ethOS APIs and formats a text message delivered to Steve on demand. Here’s a screenshot of one of his Octoblu SMS message alerts.


Octoblu is great at monitoring and alerting as well as reacting to events as they happen in realtime. Imagine being able to monitor all of your Citrix infrastructure like this and react to events proactively in realtime to improve the ongoing performance of the platform to your end-users. Add Citrix Director and Citrix SmartTools to your Octoblu monitoring and alerting and you will soon be able to interact with your Citrix infrastructure as events occur.