Back in August 2017, after I released the Citrix Receiver commandline tool, first on the Citrix blogs and later as a KB article, I was immediately asked “Have you done a GUI to help configure the VDA installation options?” Ahem. No, sorry.

After looking at the official documentation, it became clear that having a GUI to configure the VDA installation options was indeed a good idea (thanks Tarik!) So, without further ado, here is the…

Citrix VDA Commandline Tool!

All the different options can be complex to understand, so they all come with a tooltip that details the setting.

The tool allows installation, reconfiguration and uninstallation of the VDA, by choosing within the radiobutton at the top. Each option will enable only the supported settings.

The “Reconfigure” option also allows you to change the controllers and firewall options.

The “Uninstall” option is, however, limited to the “Uninstall VDA” tab.

The “Controller – site” tab allows to specify the Site GUID or adding up to 6 DDCs (add/remove them using the + and – buttons).

The “Firewall” tab allows to configure the specified ports or enable the Framehawk port.

When selecting the “Excluding Components” tab, you can choose which components will not be installed alongside the VDA. Note: “Citrix PDF Printer Driver” is only available on VDA7.16 and above.

Clicking on the “Generate CmdLine” will display the different options, copy its ouput to the clipboard, and offer the possibility to generate a batch file.

The tool can be downloaded from

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