Citrix Director displays information related to the published applications in the XenApp and XenDesktop environment in several contexts. Administrators can view Application Instances in Filters view, Application Usage, and Application Failures in Capacity Management under Trends view.

Application Analytics released with Citrix Director 7.16 adds to this list of features related to application monitoring. Application Analytics provides an overall picture of the health and real-time usage of all published applications.

The new view in Citrix Director — Applications — provides metrics like the number of instances, and backend faults and errors metrics for all published applications in a single consolidated view. This helps the administrators to better manage the XenApp and XenDesktop environment, specific to Applications.

This feature is available with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.16 version and requires VDA 7.15 version or later.

Let’s see a few use cases about the ways administrators can use this feature.

Top Running Applications (Default view): Helps in understanding the topmost applications that are running.

Further administrators can click on the count and get more details by navigating to Application Instances in the Filters view.

Application Health: Faults and Errors count (failures occurred in last hour) of each application indicate how the performance of the applications in the environment.

Further, administrators can click on the count and go to the Application Failures in the Trends view. Here, they can get more details such as the application failure reasons and the VDA machines on which the failures have appeared.

Search Application: Administrators can search for a particular application and check its health and usage.

For more details regarding this feature, please look at the product documentation available at Application Analytics section in Troubleshooting Applications.