In a July blog post about Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Stan Black, Citrix chief security and information officer, said, “While we wouldn’t call ourselves a security vendor in the traditional sense, we’ve always considered data protection and risk management to be central to our value proposition for customers. That was true in the early days of virtualization and remote access, and it’s even more true in today’s era of hybrid infrastructures and the anywhere, any-device workforce.”

For us at Citrix, security is core to what we do. In fact, a recent survey from ESG revealed that 66 percent of our global customers see Citrix as vital to securing applications and information access. We have a world of proof points to back that up.

In the U.S. Heartland, clinicians seamlessly transition between patients, devices and locations.

At Kansas-based SCL Health, Citrix secure digital workspaces enable clinicians and healthcare staff to transition easily from one patient room to the next – sensitive patient data moves securely with them on the devices of their choosing. A single login delivers ready-access to Protected Health Information (PHI) in a manner that aligns with HIPAA compliance guidelines.

“Citrix allows us to address the vision of our business leaders to deliver value-based healthcare while maintaining security and streamlining the budget,” Scott Alderman, vice president of IT operations at SCL Health, said. “IT is no longer perceived as a roadblock, but rather as an enabler of the organization’s success.”

An IT team keeps California library patrons happy and closes the book on vulnerable personal data.

Travel to Orange County Community Resources. A local government entity there securely manages the public’s use of 850 desktop PCs in 33 libraries branches.

Managing the everyday upkeep of the PCs in the library branches plus 1400 staff devices was a tall order in itself. Then the IT team realized that some library patrons conducted personal business on library-owned computers — without ever closing out the sessions. This left account passwords and other personal data vulnerable.

“We spent a lot of energy ensuring that data could not be retrieved by others,” Clyde Gamboa, director of information technology, Orange County Community Resources, recalled. “There were a lot of administrative headaches, and we really had a hard time controlling our system images.”

Now, thanks to Citrix technology, each computer in the library runs a virtual desktop, so data stays in the data center. Employees get something extra in the bargain, too: Citrix enables them to work anywhere at any time — seven-days-a-week.

“Now we can provide those services in a manner that is secure, repeatable and centrally managed,” Gamboa said.

Across the border, another Citrix customer monitors a massive soft drink supply chain that spans from South America up to Mexico and into the US.

One of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world, Arca Continental (AC), seamlessly delivers business applications to more than 22,000 users across Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and the US.

In its Monterrey, Mexico, headquarters, AC has a technology infrastructure that enables distribution center employees and warehouse staff to have secure on-demand access to crucial supply chain information. Citrix is the platform.

Navigate the Atlantic and you’ll find a Swiss insurance company that securely delivers apps and data to remote employees – literally anywhere.

Baloise Group considers any and every location to be a suitable workplace. Tech-savvy employees now are empowered to be productive – from wherever they might choose to work.

Thanks to Citrix, brokers can design pension plans for clients working on the train, sitting in a park or interacting from home. Citrix ShareFile also gives them the added flexibility to securely synch and share files with coworkers and clients.

“We use the whole infrastructure in parallel to connect to the applications needed in a much more secure situation than we had before,” said Olaf Romer, Group CIO, Baloise.

Visit the Arabian Peninsula where a banking institution’s sensitive data is compliant and secure.

The IT team at Bank Muscat capitalizes on Citrix technology to comply with the stringent security requirements of Murex, a treasury application and SWIFT, a financial messaging platform. The financial institution is an innovator in the region, piloting security measures such as a biometric security device that combines a card reader with a digital thumbprint reader.

“With Citrix, we can secure app delivery and dramatically reduce the chance of any compromise,” Vinod Vasudevan, head of virtualization, Bank Muscat, explained. “The Citrix solution is more user friendly than others. It gives us features that are not available elsewhere.”

Zoom to another Middle Eastern location. In Qatar, natural gas and secure app and data delivery on ships soon will go hand in hand.

Citrix technology ensures that employees and third party partners have secure access to hybrid cloud resources at Qatar Gas Transport Company (also known as Nakilat).

Nakilat manages the world’s largest fleet of vessels transporting liquid natural gas – 15 percent of the world’s total carrying capability. In the future, Nakilat even plans to use Citrix technology to solve the problem of frequent transmission “dead zones” that ships encounter.

“The biggest challenge was bringing everyone together and enabling secure access to information from anywhere in the world,” Information Technology Manager and CIO Hamad Suwaid explains. “Our users love it. Whatever device they are using, they get the same familiar interface. Access to anything we publish from our data center is secured by NetScaler, and any cloud resources are secured by NetScaler working with Microsoft Azure®.”

An Asian resort now delivers secure apps and data across an interesting mix of devices.

From the front desk to the back office to the casino slot machines, having a secure digital workspace is not a gamble for Manila’s Tiger Resort. This new integrated entertainment resort is equipped with best-of-breed Citrix technology.

With Citrix Workspace, NetScaler and Cisco ACI, employees can seamlessly handle customer-facing transactions as well as the day-to-day activities that occur in the back office. This encompasses 40,000 devices ranging from point of service (POS) devices to slot machines!

As you can see from these examples, for us at Citrix, security is at the heart of all of our products and services. What that means to you and your organization is better end-user experiences, secure enterprise apps and data, and simplified management of increasingly more-complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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