Five pillars of security success

Another day, another threat emerges. Security is top of mind for organizations of all shapes and sizes, but it can be overwhelming and many businesses don’t know where to start. At Citrix, our strategy is to focus on five core pillars of security that are proven to reduce the attack surface, minimize human factor risk, help organization’s move from a reactive to a proactive model of security and achieve compliance.

To illustrate each of our core security pillars, common associated pitfalls and how to remedy them, we created some engaging animated GIFs to illustrate these common user errors that cause too many an IT headache. But, we won’t leave you hanging! To help you navigate today’s complex security landscape, we’ve also written corresponding blog posts for each of these common pitfalls and pillars. Here’s what we’ll cover in our animated security GIF series:

  • Contextual access – learn from our CTO, Christian Reilly, how to thwart malware attacks and phishing attempts with a model of contextual access that gives IT and security teams insights into the who, what, when, where, and why of data and application access best practices and policy enforcement.
  • Data security – Data is one of an organization’s most high-value assets and must be protected at all costs. Our senior technical manager for security, Florin Lazurca, will recommend best practices for data security in all stages of use.
  • Application security – Security isn’t about what you prevent employees from doing, it’s about what you empower them to be able to do! A sound security strategy is really part of your productivity strategy. Read more from our VP of product marketing, Calvin Hsu.
  • Network securityJoey Peloquin, our director of cloud SecOps, explains the importance of network security for all devices and locations, and best practices for protection.
  • Analytics and insightsSteve Shah, VP of product management, outlines how deeper insights from network and data analytics can help protect against attacks and help businesses become more proactive in reducing risk.

Stay tuned for each of the animated GIFs and supporting blog posts (the first one is coming on Thursday) to learn more about how to protect your organization’s most critical applications and data on any device, location, network or cloud.

Our goal is to help our customers unify and enrich end-user experience, secure all types of enterprise applications and data, and to simplify IT’s ability to manage increasingly complex, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Visit to learn more about our security solutions.

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