In today’s world of apps everywhere and users anywhere, companies need security that protects across their hybrid cloud deployments.

With the rise in security threats, the need for multi-vector security protection becomes even more important as companies adopt cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. If your security solutions do not protect hybrid cloud deployments, then you have insufficient security protection that can lead to big risks.

How Security Challenges Threaten Companies

When companies don’t protect their data and the data of their clients, they face numerous threats, including:

  • Brand damage
  • Loss of customers
  • Loss of revenue
  • Decreased employee productivity

Cloud and hybrid cloud technologies offer many benefits that attracts businesses to adopt the technology even when they know that they face additional security threats.

This new world of apps everywhere and users anywhere leads to increased risk, which results in:

  •  Increased exposure to security breaches: Due to inconsistent protection securing disparate infrastructure
  • Increased attack surfaces: More chances of data theft, increased risk of user identity loss etc.
  • Increased complexities: Due to managing infrastructure not only disparate but across different clouds

If your security policies don’t address these risks as they relate to cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, then you probably don’t have the level of security your organization needs.

Increasing End-to-End Application and Network Security Efficacy

Cybersecurity is all about managing and reducing your business risks. Increasing your applicant and network security efficacy mitigates these business risks. In the new world of hybrid cloud and SaaS apps, the security perimeter no longer exists.

How do you protect your hybrid cloud deployments against cybersecurity attacks? Join our webinar and learn:

  • Key considerations for application and network security efficacy
  • How to maintain security efficacy when adopting hybrid cloud
  • Strategies to increase security efficacy in your organization today


On Demand Webinar: Moving to cloud? Rethink your Security Efficacy

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Staying Ahead of Security Threats

Apps are everywhere, networks are becoming more distributed and the cloud is creating unexpected opportunities, challenges and risks for organizations.

Security threats will keep evolving. It’s up to business leaders to stay vigilant against emerging threats by increasing their security efficacy across networks and hybrid could deployments.

Join us for this Citrix webinar to learn how to get started today.