Northern California (as well as Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada) experienced an extreme heat wave over the past week — a meteorological phenomenon described as a “heat dome.” The local utility company here in California experienced massive increases in demand for electricity and cooling needs for many residents across the state.

We often take these services for granted, but for companies like Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities, ensuring customer satisfaction is a prime directive for their business.

In an effort to ensure their customers have an exceptional service experience, they embarked on a go-digital initiative to go paperless and to automate many of their internal processes. Citrix was a key enabler in helping them meet these objectives; deploying the complete Citrix digital workspace offering that includes XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile and NetScaler.

While it the role played by our desktop virtualization and mobility products is evident, many underestimate the value of NetScaler for these environments when making decisions on infrastructure.

LG&E and KU made a strategic decision to include NetScaler in the mix, primarily to ensure high availability of their Citrix environment during surges, such as what happened in the American West last week. As users become heavily reliant on their mobile devices to initiate business workflows, always-on availability is critical to ensure business success.

But their use of NetScaler didn’t stop there. Once they recognized the value NetScaler offered to load balance their Citrix environment, they consolidated other critical workloads, such as SAP and Exchange, onto NetScaler and decommissioning the other load balancers that were supporting these applications. By selecting NetScaler SDX, they were able to migrate workloads from their other hardware-based load balancers onto a single multi-tenant NetScaler appliance.

NetScaler enables LG&E and KU’s digital workspace and ensures their business keeps running, so their customers get the reliable, always-on service they expect. This is the future of work.

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