Achieve PCI compliance with the industry’s highest-performing Web Application Firewall

Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance is critical for online businesses

If you host and manage your own e-commerce platform, you will need to ensure Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance for your organization, and the first step is to determine the required compliance level.

All merchants fall into one of four levels, based on credit or debit card transaction volume over a 12-month period. In terms of DSS requirements, Level 1 is the most strict and Level 4 is the least strict. Failing to take the necessary steps to secure your e-commerce website can lead to financial loss, fines, fees, higher transaction costs, and – perhaps hardest of all to recover from – loss in brand and customer trust.

How Bajaj Allianz uses Citrix NetScaler WAF to achieve the highest level of Payment Card Industry compliance and secure their online business.


Retaining brand power and customer loyalty is of critical importance to Bajaj Allianz.

Bajaj Allianz needed a solution to help fuel their growth plans and maintain security and compliance

As part of their continued growth, Bajaj Allianz was looking to offer more innovative online services. They wanted to launch an online payment service, so their end users could purchase services anytime, anywhere. Their existing solution was neither meeting their expectations nor their security needs. It was also not in-line with their future plans, which required securing and maintaining the highest levels of PCI compliance for their online business. 

Bajaj Allianz selected NetScaler WAF to achieve a strict PCI DSS compliance, reduce overhead IT costs, and off-load legacy servers

Bajaj Allianz decided to go with NetScaler AppFirewall, the industry’s highest performing and highest security efficacy Web Application Firewall (WAF) for their security needs.

NetScaler AppFirewall is available both as standalone appliance and as an integrated solution within our ADC appliance. It is available across our form factors:

  • Physical,
  • Multi-tenant,
  • Virtual

With NetScaler AppFirewall, Bajaj Allianz was able to:

  • Protect against both known and unknown web application attacks
  • Provide DoS protection
  • Provide Surge protection
  • Maintain a strict PCI DSS compliance

In turn, this allowed Bajaj Allianz to:

  • Successfully offer new services to their end users
  • Securely launch their web payment portal
  • Improve the overall customer experience

The Citrix NetScaler solution also allowed them to reduce their overhead IT costs by consolidating their data centers and off-loading their legacy servers.

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