A new unified experience, next-generation security and contextual analytics set Citrix Workspace apart.

New unified workspace experience

Today at Citrix Synergy, we unveiled our new unified, cloud-first Citrix Workspace experience. The new Citrix Workspace makes it easier than ever for your end users to access all of their apps and single sign-on to them through federated identity – including the various SaaS apps that are pervasive throughout your organization.

Increase productivity and security, reduce calls to the IT helpdesk

Traditionally, users had a fragmented experience across apps and how they access them. They log into different sites, using different identities and passwords. The result is lost productivity, security lapses and calls to the IT helpdesk. IT had to support multiple systems for different user groups, using multiple control points for managing security policies at different places. Now Citrix Workspace unifies all apps, cloud services, data, network and identity services in a secure digital workspace with a single control plane. This means you can now secure all types of enterprise apps, data and collaboration workflows in a system that is easy for your employees to use and simpler for IT to support. You can aggregate apps across different cloud services, federate identity across all of the apps (Windows, web, SaaS, mobile) and unify data sources providing users a single view to everywhere they store files (network, OneDrive, SharePoint, Box). You can also eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency by automating business and document workflows—all without ever leaving your Workspace.

Only the new Citrix unified workspace interface allows users to not only access all of their Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps from a single point, they can also offload IT support calls through self-service tools. Now requesting app access or maintaining their security token, password and security questions are “self-service” and don’t require a call to the IT helpdesk, keeping both users and IT more productive.

Native provisioning for SaaS apps

Now, SaaS and web apps can launch in the user’s default native browser and use SSO or multi-factor authentication to gain access based on policy. We go a step further and allow IT to set policies that lock down SaaS apps based on context. For example, a restricted web app can be configured to launch in a published browser when the user is off the network, using a personal device or in a remote location.

Our approach provides IT unique capabilities to combat cloud service delivery challenges, and meet line-of-business and end-user demands.

Citrix is a new generation of security provider

At Synergy this week, we are talking a lot about security. Security is always top of mind for IT, but given the latest ransomware attacks, the topic is reaching a fever pitch. We’ve dedicated over 60 sessions to the topic, plus General Colin Powell will examine the rising global cybersecurity threat in Thursday’s keynote. If you haven’t thought of Citrix as a security company before, you will by week’s end. Here’s why.

Since the beginning, Citrix virtualization solutions have been inherently more secure than traditional end user computing, as apps and data run in a centrally managed datacenter, not on individual user devices where they are prone to viruses and theft. Fast-forward to today and we are introducing new levels of conditional and contextual access controls based on user, device, and network.

Hackers are getting smarter. You can still outsmart them.

Traditional security measures are failing because they rely on the same static rules and if/then conditions. Hackers increasingly use advanced techniques and algorithms to beat patterns and get around these predictable and easily traceable rules. If hackers are using smarter tools, how can you protect yourself with the same first generation security tactics?

Unlike other vendors, Citrix envisions a workspace with security measures based on user behavior that is analyzed in real time. By continuously learning user actions, we can establish ways to verify identity based on behavior, analytics, and probability. For example, let’s say I typically login in around 8AM every day from Fort Lauderdale and open Outlook, Chrome and Slack. This becomes system-learned behavior. What if this behavior changes radically and suddenly my account is accessed at 3AM from another country and large data files are being sent over the network? The Citrix analytics engine scores that behavior to assign a threat risk and introduce additional security challenges or even quarantine or block my access.

Connect your security perimeter to the user

A firewall has traditionally protected your environment perimeter for your datacenter. This worked as long as all of your workers were walking into a physical office and connecting to your network on-site. This is no longer sufficient since workers are increasingly mobile or work in remote locations. With Citrix Workspace, the new software-defined perimeter is based on the user and their identity, not just location or device. This extends protection beyond traditional datacenter tools to ensure enforcement for distributed control points.

With new proactive monitoring and security, behavior analytics, and a software-defined perimeter you can detect threats sooner and alert IT faster.

Contextual Analytics to access Apps, Data and Network Intelligence

One of the most exciting and unique innovations we announced today is new advanced application and security analytics in NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS). MAS leverages machine learning, application behavior, and anomaly detection technology. IT organizations can now spot and quickly troubleshoot application performance issues and identify compromised insider credentials to prevent data breaches of sensitive corporate data. We are evolving from rule-based analytics to AI and machine learning to process data in motion, at rest and in use.

Citrix Workspace also offers 360 degree visibility and monitoring of traffic flows, not just in your local environment, but across multiple clouds. This expanded monitoring delivers intelligent insights into security, behavior and performance of your users, their devices, the network and data. Being able to detect anomalies and malicious activity in your environment, including various clouds, enables faster troubleshooting and remediation of issues.

The Citrix Secure Digital Workspace makes the Workspace of the Future possible.

Learn more joining us at Citrix Synergy in Orlando or watch live on SynergyTV.