As you evolve your application infrastructure and migrate applications to the cloud, it’s important to evolve your network as well. Trying to retrofit a traditional WAN onto a cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture will prevent you from receiving all the benefits that the cloud can bring to your enterprise and slow down or even halt your transition.

NetScaler SD-WAN allows you build an application-aware, cloud-centric network, providing application performance and security by directly connecting your branch offices or stores directly to the cloud. With integrated visibility and simple centralized policy definitions, you can focus on your applications and not your network. And the reliability SD-WAN brings will give you the confidence to trust even mission critical application in the cloud.

NetScaler SD-WAN delivers key capabilities to support your transition to the cloud:

Network Reliability

With NetScaler SD-WAN, you don’t have to depend on a single, best-effort Internet link to connect your business to the cloud. By aggregating multiple connections into a secure virtual connection and failing over without application interruption when a network link fails, NetScaler SD-WAN can provide the reliability you expect from an enterprise WAN connection.


The integrated firewall in NetScaler SD-WAN provides security for Internet breakout traffic, removing the need for a separate firewall on site or Internet traffic backhaul through the datacenter. Data sent to the cloud is encrypted and sent via a secure tunnel, and can be segmented into distinct virtual networks based on application or source. Access to undesirable sites and applications can be blocked, and access to cloud applications can be limited to only a subset of users.


With NetScaler SD-WAN, centralized policies are applied to cloud application traffic, ensuring that critical applications receive priority and adequate bandwidth, and are never impacted by lower priority applications or general web traffic. Problems in the network are deftly sidestepped before they can cause quality issues that impact the user experience and proactive traffic handling techniques are used to maximize the user experience regardless of the underlying network.


Public cloud providers have tools that can look at application performance, but they are blind to the network, often leading to difficulty in troubleshooting and wasted time and effort. With NetScaler SD-WAN, you have consistent and deep visibility into your network and your applications, regardless of where they’re hosted. Whether looking at what applications your users are accessing, how those applications are performing, or the details on the underlying network, NetScaler SD-WAN can provide a network and application-wide view across a cloud or hybrid-cloud enterprise.

With these capabilities in NetScaler SD-WAN applied to your network, you can be confident in moving your applications to the cloud, knowing that you have a reliable, secure and agile infrastructure that you can depend on.

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