There’s no getting around it: today’s workplace is changing. Digital natives are entering the workplace, paper processes are moving to digital, and “anyness” is a necessity, as workers demand access to data anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Citrix is helping our customers embrace the future of work by not only addressing worker productivity and collaboration, but meeting the security needs of IT navigating through the paradigm shift that is today’s worker.

In recent months, ShareFile has introduced a series of specialized solutions that bridge the gap between the modern workforce and the security and compliance of protecting company, customer, and personal information. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve released in the first few months of 2017.

Microsoft Office editing for On-Premise Storage Zones

ShareFile users with a valid Microsoft Online Office Server (OOS) can now improve productivity and collaboration with the ability to co-author Office documents from within ShareFile.  Previously only available to customers with cloud storage zones, this feature is now available for documents stored in On-Premises Storage Zones. You will need Office Online Server (OOS) access to use this feature.

sharefile co-editingCo-editing takes ShareFile’s collaboration tools to the next level, allowing multiple users to edit Office documents within ShareFile in a single session.

Long gone are the days of needing to send a file to multiple users, making sure each user is properly using check-in/checkout or merging everyone’s changes from multiple files. The expansion of this service to cover both cloud and the newly added On-Premises storage is ideal for strict data compliance, as it limits user access and keeps data secure through file encryption.

This is yet another example of the close partnership between Citrix and Microsoft. Citrix was an inaugural member of the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program and this gives ShareFile the ability to integrate closely with Office Online.

ShareFile Exchange Connector

Customers using the ShareFile Exchange Connector can download and share attachments via email using Microsoft Exchange. Users now have the ability to easily access, download, and share those files just as they do with files from other data sources using ShareFile as a single pane of glass.

With Exchange Connector, attachments sent and received in Microsoft Exchange are now synced in ShareFile. Customers save time and improve productivity through having a single source for searching for files. Instead of searching through their desktop folders and then switching to email to search for files that may have been sent/received, files can now be searched and shared easily from within ShareFile.


ShareFile for Outlook with Mac support

sf3ShareFile for Outlook is a new Microsoft Outlook add-on that brings ShareFile functionality to Outlook for Mac and Outlook Online (Office 365, Outlook Web Access and users. This new app demonstrates Citrix’ commitment to provide all users, regardless of operating system, simple ways to access, share and store files and content.

Mac Outlook users can now access, send and request files and attachments as simply as Windows users.

ShareFile Desktop App for Mac

Another feature for Mac fans, the ShareFile Desktop App for Mac provides secure, one-click access to ShareFile without opening a web browser. For increased speed and convenience, this app gives users more flexible ways to manage their ShareFile account with drag and drop functionality, keyboard shortcut support, native interactions and adjustable, modular windows.

With the Desktop App for Mac, users can now access, send, and request files and attachments as simply as Windows users, as well and easily send and request files directly from their computers and ShareFile accounts.

ShareConnect’s secure remote access capability is now Sword & Shield-validated to support HIPAA compliance.

sf4Citrix is dedicated to supporting the compliance needs of healthcare enterprises. Providing secure remote access to office PCs and servers from any device, any time simplifies the delivery of collaborative patient care without compromising the security of protected health information.

ShareConnect is now validated under Sword & Shield’s HIPAA Compliance Program (HCP). This assures that ShareConnect has implemented the majority of the necessary security measures to safeguard protected health information and electronic protected health information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

Benefits include:

  • Simplified login, allowing the use of ShareFile credentials to access ShareConnect, thus alleviating the need for multiple passwords or access codes.
  • Robust reporting capabilities that allow organizations to audit remote access to satisfy HIPAA requirements.
  • Enhanced admin controls that deliver enable/disable capability to admins for all HIPAA-related features.

While many providers may offer remote access capabilities, ShareConnect delivers anytime access along with tight security controls that help healthcare providers maintain HIPAA compliance. The easy-to-use interface and enhanced admin controls make reporting simple and efficient. The elimination of multiple passwords streamlines processes and promotes better collaboration and productivity.

The Future of Work is here. And with ShareFile, Citrix is letting you work the way you want, easily collaborate with co-workers, clients, and customers, all while staying secure and compliant on any device.

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