It’s a simple question: Do you know where your patient data is?

At the Citrix Executive Briefing center in Fort Lauderdale, a cautionary tale is told of a day, not too long ago, when a visiting IT executive from a large healthcare provider explained why he was interested in ShareFile. He had been a stickler for locking down everything, everywhere.

Though he didn’t yet have a corporate solution for sharing large files, it was only on his long-term roadmap — not a priority.  He knew other IT leaders were having problems with clinicians using unauthorized file sharing services, but he was confident that the problem did not exist at his facility. “Not on my watch”, was the message he had delivered to the board. Things were fine — at least until he got the phone call from a sales rep from a major file-sharing service. The rep cheerily explained that so many individuals and departments from his organization had set up accounts that the healthcare provider qualified for a volume discount.

Then and now, security is a hot topic in healthcare. In fact, it will be the key theme of the Healthcare Industry Forum at Synergy.  Formerly known as “Birds of a Feather,” the Healthcare Industry Forum has been re-named and re-imagined based on customer feedback. The new format will provide what we hope is a perfect blend of information sharing, peer-to-peer discussions, and networking. The headliner for the event will be a presentation of the results of a new survey on healthcare security and compliance from Bryan Fiekers, Sr. Director Research Services, HIMSS Analytics. The survey evaluates security and compliance from a clinician’s point of view. You may not be in the same position as the healthcare exec in the Briefing Center story, but some of the surveyed clinicians’ experiences and activities about handling patient data may surprise you.

The discussion continues with Citrix Chief Security Strategist, Kurt Roemer, who will offer some of the best practices he’s seen at healthcare organizations and offer perspective on how the new Citrix announcements relate to data security in healthcare. We will conclude with beer, wine, and interactive roundtable discussions led by innovative Citrix customers and Citrix Technology Professionals who will share their insights and keep the conversation going around the security theme. Tables will be organized by topics, such as Networking, Cloud, IoT, and so on.

The Industry Forum is just one of the great learning sessions for healthcare customers at Synergy. If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time. Don’t miss this great opportunity to connect with your peers and discuss how to address today’s security challenges in healthcare!

Healthcare Industry Forum and Networking Reception:
Thursday, May 25, 3:30-5:30 p.m.,
Orange County Convention Center | West Concourse, Level II, Tangerine Ballroom, F1

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