If you haven’t yet tasted HDX Ready Pi, it’s time to give it a try. The low-cost, high-performance device has set a new standard for price/performance and changed the economics of desktop virtualization.

At a time when most organizations are planning a desktop refresh for Windows 10 migration, now is a great time to reconsider your end point strategy. Does it really make sense to buy more desktop PC’s that consume excess power & support resources, limit flexibility, and are all targets for cyber attacks?  sc-t25_left_hires_1

  • Justify desktop virtualization to broader employee roles
  • Eliminate/Minimize deskside support, just rip & replace
  • Onboard new employees, keep extras in supply cabinet
  • Provide to employees HDX-Pi to take home for telework
  • Eliminate asset tracking of PC’s

Beyond traditional Thin Client or PC replacements, the HDX Ready Pi is also ideally suited to enable Workspace IoT capabilities. The on board Bluetooth 4.1 provides a beacon for proximity and location based solutions. Octoblu connectors can be added for IoT gateway capability and workflow triggers. The HDX-Pi is software upgradable for future Receivers, optimizations, and IoT enhancements.

Try some Pi today!