It’s Valentine’s Day! No matter your feelings about the holiday, it’s hard to resist something that’s so synonymous with chocolate and champagne and flowery goodness. It’s a day when we revel in all things SWEET.

Which brings me to Citrix (you were dying to know how I was going to make this tie-in, weren’t you?)

With our innovation — in Security, Cloud, Workspace IoT, Productivity, and Future of Work — the future is sweet, not just for Citrix, but for our customers, too!

The pace of innovation here at Citrix is gaining momentum each and every day. In May of 2016, we boldly announced our march to the Cloud. We’re a company that champions Security and that arms our customers with leading-edge information so they can stay ahead of threat actors. Citrix is leading the way into the future of work, creating technology that helps organizations be more productive, and envisioning a world in which people, organizations and things are connected and accessible to make the extraordinary possible.

Oh, so sweet.

Our CEO, Kirill Tatarinov, celebrated his first anniversary with Citrix just a few weeks ago. In a blog post marking the occasion, he said:

We accomplished a lot in 2016. And we should all be incredibly proud of what we were able to achieve. From defining vision and strategy, to reinvigorating our culture, to refining our processes and increasing the pace of innovation, we set a solid foundation for Citrix to grow and thrive in 2017 and beyond.

happy anniversary

What’s not to love?

Citrix is reimagining the workspace, how and where work gets done, as well as what ‘things’ are involved in doing it. We understand that customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions, as Christian Reilly, our Chief Technology Officer for Workspace Services, pointed out. In his blog post, “Citrix & Workspace IoT: Connecting Things, Companies & Lives the World Over,” he said:

The modern consumerization trend, along with the simplicity of technology overall has transformed how people expect to discover, access, and consume applications and data. By providing the platform to deliver this diverse set of applications and data, and focusing on how to deliver information in a contextual way, we will become the go-to solution for digital business transformation. We will to seize the opportunity to enable everyone to start their day with Citrix.


At the heart of the conversation …

At Citrix, security is of paramount importance. We understand that complex systems can be frustrating to employees, making the want to circumvent protocols, so that they can do their jobs more easily. We understand that Security fears will continue to be a barrier to adopting emerging technology. Citrix helps its customers overcome those challenges and those barriers, making it possible for employees to do their jobs anytime, anywhere access on their device of choice while still protecting any apps and data accessed. Stan Black, our Chief Security Officer, penned a blog post recently, saying,

It is often the simplest of security tricks that can make adopting emerging tech easier. The ABCs of security can’t be ignored just because users feel they need the device and that it should come with all the fancy security features and capabilities already turned on. In reality, it’s the user or the IT department’s job to turn these features on.


Can productivity BE MINE?

You betcha! As our CMO, Tim Minahan, pointed out in his blog post, “Mind the (Productivity) Gap,” there is a $2.7 trillion Productivity Gap. “Years spend on building on top of legacy architecture, customizing those systems for business needs and managing all the pieces, and dealing with mounting complexity resulting from a proliferation of devices, apps and platforms, has organizations seeking a better way.”

Citrix is in the unique position to offer just that: a better way. We’re building smarter, more efficient, and more secure workspaces that will make it possible for IT organizations and end users alike to streamline and simplify the way work gets done. It’s our job to help you say YES to mobility, YES to new applications, YES to new devices – and, most importantly, YES to cyber-security and the cloud.


The future of work is coming up roses.

Citrix is accelerating digital business, empowering a modern workforce, securing the Enterprise, and making IT a strategic enabler. Citrix is reimagining the future of work, with secure digital workspaces that empower people with the freedom and flexibility to change how work gets done – unlocking creativity, productivity, and innovation to make the extraordinary possible. Recently, Citrix CEO, Kirill Tatarinov, set forth our vision for the future.

Our strategy is to build the world’s best integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data, anytime, anywhere, on any device or network, as a service in the Citrix Cloud. And we have a very clear path on how we are going to do it.


The future for Citrix and — more to the point — for our customers couldn’t be sweeter if it were covered in chocolate. Stay with us throughout 2017 and beyond, as we treat you to more and more ways to get simple and secure access to the apps and data you need with a digital workspace that dynamically adapts based on context such as device, location or network. By eliminating complexity, people have the flexibility to choose how, where and when work gets done and how things are leveraged, boosting creativity, engagement and productivity critical for success.