Citrix Director supports historical data retention for monitoring and troubleshooting. The data retention limits depend on the customer’s license. Until now, the data retention limit for all non-Platinum customers has been seven days.

Sometimes, troubleshooting issues on a user machine  can get difficult if all you have available is just 7 days of historical data. Good news for Enterprise customers:

As of Citrix Director 7.12, Citrix is extending the data retention limit for Enterprise customers  from 7 days to one month (31 days).

So, cheer up Enterprise customers, troubleshooting and monitoring just got easier. You just need to upgrade the Director and Controller to version 7.12 or higher to avail this feature.

Enterprise customers, you can now store historical data for up to one month. You can view the historical trends on Director by applying the time period filter for last month. You can also export the data for the extended one-month period.


The data retention settings for Enterprise customers are automatically upgraded to one month. It you’re not ready or have not provisioned additional storage space to accommodate the additional data, you can decrease the data retention using the PowerShell cmdlet Set-MonitorConfiguration.

The data retention limits for all non-Enterprise customers remain the same.